Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boo at the Zoo

Sunday we went to Boo at the Zoo with some of our Small Group friends. It is the same group we went with last year. It was so much fun and Logan had a great time!Hampton the caterpillar before we left.
Momma and Hampton on our way out the door.
When we got there, we had to get the kids in their costumes. I wasn't sure Logan would cooperate, but he did. He actually wore it the entire night without fussing.
Landree joined us at the car while we waited on the rest of our group. She and Logan rummaged through the car and we finally had to get them out of the front seat when Logan started pulling out chapstick and everything else he could get his hands on!

Logan the Monkey!
Our family at the zoo. Dylan didn't want to join us - he said he would rather have some time to himself to do whatever he wanted. So, he stayed home and watched a movie.
This guy was so cute. He dressed up like Michael Phelps. What a clever idea??? He even had the earphones from his I-pod in.
Yes, Patrick was mortified that I asked him to take his picture in case you were wondering. It was so funny!!!
Camryn dressed up as a Jimmy Johnson fan because she wouldn't wear the costume her mom tried to put on her.

Sweet little Landree

The profile of our monkey.
Spiderman Layne
Cooper the fisherman and Landree the ladybug.

I love my little monkey!
Our entire group. Who knew that to get your children to sit still for a picture all you had to do is get in the picture with them???
I think this is the funniest picture!
Logan loved the big spider on the ground.
Cooper trick-or-treating
Logan loved the idea of people giving him candy!
Daddy and Logan at the elephants

Hampton and me enjoying the festivities

Daddy was such a sucker!!!
He bought this $6 toy for Logan before we left. Logan just stared at it the entire ride home. I hope we didn't hurt his eyes by letting him do that!

Happy 3rd Birthday, James!

Saturday we went to our friend, James', birthday party at Countryard Adventures. It was the cutest party and we had the best time. Logan absolutely loved and looks forward to having one of his own party's there in the future! James was so cute up on the pony ride. He even had on his little cowboys boots.
James and Logan looking at the big horse.
Logan patiently waiting his turn for the pony ride.

Riding the pony.
Hampton even joined us for the festivities. He was very good for us while we were there!
Logan and Daddy petting the bunny.
I was so glad Patrick came to help out. I can't imagine what I would have done had Patrick not been there. He literaly had to chase Logan around the whole time. Luckily, there wasn't much he could do wrong, but he still needed someone with him all the time.
Logan wore his own Horse on his outfit.
He loved looking at all the animals!
Logan riding the pony one more time. I was so proud of him for hopping right up there and getting on the horse.
Aunt Chappell and Sara Grace were there also and had so much fun. I love spending time with them!!!
Logan loved petting the donkey!
He even made his donkey sounds.
The family on the hayride.
Daddy and Logan on the hayride.
The hayride was so fun. It took you all around the property and by the lake. The good thing was that it was a great day for a country party!
Daddy and Logan and Chris and Maddox (James' daddy and brother).
They provided hot dogs, chips and a drink for our lunch. It was all so yummy!
After hot dogs, they brought out some marshmallows for us to roast. Logan wanted to do it by himself and drug his marshmallow through the dirt before roasting it. We did throw it out afterwards and just grabbed and uncooked one!
Logan in his cowboy hat (the party favor - what a great idea!) eating the marshmallow.
James' cake.
Isn't this adorable. It tasted even better than it looks if you can believe that!
Happy Birthday, James!!!
Maddox eating his cake by himself
I love this picture!!!
This is daddy and Logan looking out over the pond at the goose.
Momma and Logan watching for the goose.
Sweet little Sara Grace in her pink overalls and cowgirl hat.
After a fun fun party, we got in the car and headed home with a very tired little boy!
Happy Birthday, James.
Love you,
The Subers

Brotherly Love

Logan has started showing us his "Big Eyes" and it is so funny. He started it because of a book that he loves to read - Good Night, Gorilla. He absolutely LOVES that book!
Logan had his first Oreo last Thursday night (it was in a lunchable). He loved licking the middle out of it and was so funny!
After the Oreo, Logan was so sweet talking and playing with Hampton. I just love to watch him interact with H. I don't ever push him to do it, so when he does, it is all on his own and so sweet!

One thing we have to watch with Logan is when he starts trying to bounce Hampton in the bouncy seat - he tends to get a little crazy with it and poor little H is like - what in the world???