Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A day in the life of my boys...

Logan loves to watch tv and I can't stand it. I do like it when I need him to stay in one place for a little bit so I can get something done, but some people in my house like him to do that a lot more often than I care for! Here he is watching something...
Hampton taking off walking from his and Logan's table.
Oooops - he fell!
Dylan went to his first High School event with his girlfriend, Kirstin, on the 14th. It was a jamboree for back-to-school. They are so cute together!
They also went with her friend, Cassie. High School was so fun for me and I hope that Dylan has as much (if not more) fun than I did!

Hampton and Logan 8/12

Hampton started walking around the 6th of August. He'll take about 4-6 steps and fall over, but he is doing so well! It is very sad for me to be here already, but it is fun also to see him accomplish yet another milestone. It is truly amazing that not even a year ago, he was in my belly. God is truly amazing!!!We had chocolate chip muffins for breakfast - yum!
Hampton likes to play peek-a-boo at the table - especially with dirty hands!

Love that chocolatey face!
That morning was not particularly pretty, so we finger painted some pictures. Logan had a blast and made pictures for everyone he could think of.
I can't believe he actually got his little hands dirty!
On another note, Logan started potty training (on his own) the 3rd of August. We were at the pool with playgroup and I told him not to pee pee in his swim diaper - to tell me when he had to go and we would go inside to the big potty. I was in the pool with the baby while Logan played on the side with some toys and all of a sudden, he said, "mommy, I have to go pee-pee da potty." I threw the baby to one of the other moms and ran in there to take him and he went! I told him that it was such a good boy to tell me and gave him lots and lots of praise. He went 7 more times after that while we were at the pool for an hour and a half, but who's counting??? At least he was going. We went and bought stuff at Target for training (pull-ups, underwear, a potty cover, etc.). He has been going on the potty ever since and is doing very well with minimal accidents!
Hampton is going to be my climber I'm afraid. He loves to climb up on Logan's chair and see what is going on. Once he started walking, he has been getting into EVERYTHING!!!

He also likes to tear up my magazines!
He looks so innocent thought, doesn't he?

Feeding with Hampton

Hampton will eat and eat and eat. He has to eat whatever we are eating or he flips out! He has pretty much done away with baby food, but I am feeding what we have left so I can get rid of it and boy will I be happy to do that!
Happiest when eating - just like his mommy!
He was squealing here - can ya tell?

Bath time with the Babies!

I just love bath pictures. These are from the 11th of August. Look - H is getting some curls too!
He looks so happy, huh?
Hampton loves to suck on this little octopus. It grosses me out for the boys to drink the water, but for whatever reason, they both consistently do it!

Such sweet brothers
Hampton starting to stand up. Ugghhh!!!
I love my sweet baby boy and his little wings!
Logan smiled for me, but he will not look at the camera. I have ruined him!!!
Not liking the hair washing so much.
Love that face!
One of the cutest looks on a baby is with the towel on their head!

He is going to kill me one day for this!

Hampton and Logan playing at last

Since Hampton has been born (almost a year ago, sniff sniff), Logan has pretty much ignored him. Recently, Logan has started interacting with him and it is so cute to watch. He'll tell H to come find him and to come get him now. It is adorable and I hope it is the start of a friendship they will cherish forever!
Logan rolling on the floor trying to get Hampton to get him.
Hamp is like - "get off me."
I love my happy little boys!!!
Logan turned 2 1/2 on the 7th and Hampton is now 11 months - wow!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mommy's away - The boys will play!

I went out of town the 7th of August to go to Georgia to spend some time with Blake and get Dylan and bring him home from visiting his dad. Patrick opted to keep the boys with him and they had a blast. Saturday, he built what Logan called a "cave" in the living room. Logan and Hampton had the best time in it! G-daddy even came over to play with them.
Logan still isn't very good with sharing with his brother!
Hampton is done with Logan not sharing...
Look! They are actually appearing to play together in the cave!
Daddy helped the boys have so much fun while mommy was gone!
I, on the other hand, had a wonderful visit with Blake. I got to pick him up from school on Friday and met his girlfriend, Kristine. I took her home and then went to Blake's house to help him pack for our weekend together. We went out to dinner at Mellow Mushroom and caught up on everything going on with him at school. Then, we went to see " The Ugly Truth." Not a good idea!
The next morning, we had breakfast at the hotel and then went to the base and hung out at the pool for the day. We talked and talked and solved all the problems of the world - so much fun.
Then, it was back to the hotel for showers and just played on the internet planning a trip to New York that he and Dylan want for Christmas.
Dylan and I left bright and early the next morning to head back to SC. It was sad leaving Blake and I really hope he gets to come in a couple of weeks to see us and to come to Hampton's birthday party. Love ya Blake!!!

August 5th

Some shots of our day. Hampton is getting close to walking...
Logan still loves his firetruck and hat. He got the truck for his 1st Christmas and the hat in February and I am pretty sure he plays with each of them at least once daily.
He tells us his name is, "Fireman Ogi."

Hampton is 11 months old!

Boy is he getting big! I am so sad all the time seeing how fast he is growing especially since he is my last baby! I am so far behind in blogging that I will just have to update all his milestones at age 1. It will be easier that way for me. I do know that he is about to move onto whole milk because the breast milk is almost out!
Sweet Baby Hampton

Sundays with Logan

Logan is just so funny! He keeps us so entertained all the time and this particular Sunday was no exception!He tells us all the time that when he grows up he is going to work for Suber Construction and be a crane operator. Here he is with his hammer working...I didn't know crane operators needed hammers.

Daddy tried to take a nap on the couch, and Logan was having none of it. It was hilarious!

Poor, tired Daddy!
Showing us how he jumps off his chair that is literally 6 inches off the ground. The way he acts, you would think it was 6 feet!
Logan decided to take the hammer to daddy's head. Ha!
That evening we went to where the Brewer's were staying at the lake and had dinner with them and their boys. It was lots of fun to catch up with them and get our boys together!
Any day now, he is going to take off!
Logan, Cooper, and Hampton
Silly boys!
John Parker and Hampton