Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blake is Here!!!

Blake got here Saturday morning and we were all so excited to see him! We had a great weekend on the lake with him and Dylan is enjoying having a buddy to hang out with at the pool and at the house. I am sure that will turn in to some arguments soon though!Yesterday when Dylan got home from school, they went straight to the pool and played for hours. It was fun watching them. The only problem I have had so far is that they like to jump off the back wall into the pool - which I am totally against. They are done with that though. I have put a stop to it. The last think I want is to end up in the ER with one of them!
Blake and his belly flop
Dylan's so-called belly flop

Isn't it crazy how big they are getting. They are both taller than I am now and it makes me so sad. I am so proud of both of them. They are growing up into sweet young men.

Blake got out of school a week early this year because he was able to exempt his Final Exams by maintaining good grades. What a nice perk! Too bad Dylan's school doesn't do something like that! He doesn't get out until next Thursday.
Congratulations, Blake. We are so proud of you!!!
Mom and Patrick

Summer Bash at My Gym

Last Thursday Logan and I went to a Summer Bash at My Gym. Daddy even came with us and we were so happy he could be there. Logan during circle time sitting with Daddy
He actually participated in the games and enjoyed them this time. Jackson is to the right of him with his momma.
I tried to get a picture of all the small groupers. On the right is Jennifer Gray and Landree, then Denise and Jackson, Patrick and Logan, and to the left of them is Jennifer Brewer and Cooper (it is a little more difficult to see them though - I tried).
Logan is so drawn to this ladder every week!

Cooper, Landree, and Logan on the trampoline.
Logan on another one of his favorite things to climb on. It may be hard to tell, but he is wearing a bathing suit. It was so cute on him.
Logan was supposed to be in the circle in front of the teachers, but he decided he would help direct the class with the songs.
Yummy - he didn't eat much of his popcicle though. This is probably the only bite he took!
Finally, the bubbles!!!
You can tell that Logan just loved this part of the day!!!
Sadly, after the bash, Logan developed a fever while we were at dinner with the Brewer's and the Gray's. I gave him some Tylenol when we got home but in the middle of the night he woke up with a 103 fever. So, I took him to the doctor on Friday morning to learn that he had Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. It was so sad. He had these horrible blisters on the back of his throat and spots on his hands, feet, and groin area.
We made sure to monitor the fever all weekend and finally yesterday it broke and he hasn't had one since. So hopefully, this is gone.
The disease causes very high fevers and children with it are prone to febrile seizures - which scared me to death. Dylan had a couple of those when he was a baby and that will definitely scare you and scare some years off your life. So we were very strict about staying on top of the medicines so he wouldn't develop a fever!
He hasn't had fever now since the night before last and we are praying that it is gone!

Memorial Weekend

This weekend was pretty much spent on the boat.
Saturday, Blake, Patrick, and I went to the lake for a little while and met Kat and Sara there. Luckily, the weather turned nice so we could go out for a little while. When we first got there we were freezing!
Logan felt better on Sunday, so we thought we would get him out of the house and take him to the lake with us. Since it was our family day on the lake (yes, we even made Dylan come with us) I remembered the camera on Sunday. So, that is what all the pictures will be from.
Monday, it was just Blake, Patrick, and me. It was nice and relaxing though and we had a very nice weekend!!!
Aimee babysat Logan on the days that he didn't come and he did pretty well with her.
Logan loves to play with all the controls - I am always worried that he is going to somehow turn the boat on and get us moving!
Silly picture of me with the mustard. We keep the boat in a covered slip and every Friday night, Patrick and I have date night after Logan goes down. As you can see in the background of this picture, it is a fun place to hang out and usually there is quite a crowd any time during the weekends. We grilled hot dogs one day and they were really yummy (even though I wasn't supposed to be eating them - I did it anyway!).
Logan trying to figure out how to get out of that door!

Daddy and Logan watching all the boats going out for the day.
Logan loved it up there!
Daddy even got him on the bow of the boat which I was quite upset about!!!
Sally and Jake with Logan and Daddy. Logan loves Jake and loves it when he licks his hand

The little First mate with his daddy
Ok - this is a picture of Logan's mess he made on the boat. I took a picture because it was so funny to watch Patrick's reaction to the mess. He is so anal about keeping the boat clean. If anyone drops even a crumb, he makes sure it gets cleaned up immediately. Luckily, he didn't flip out too badly when Logan did this. He let it sit for a little while, but then he couldn't stand it anymore and took the whole cushion and cleaned it off. It was really funny!
Logan driving!
Finally, after being out on the water for a while, Logan and Dylan sat down for a Baby Einstein video. Thanks for your help, Dylan!!!
We hope everyone had a great Memorial Day!!!

Friends Forever!

I know I already posted this picture, but I wanted to post it again when I posted the picture of all of us from Junior High so you can see the changes! I already mentioned that while I was in AR, my dad gave me some old year books. Well, here is a picture from one of them that has most of us in it. I don't think Heather was in school with us when this was taken. But the rest of us are here!!!Linda, Heather, me, Jen, and Shannon
Linda, Shannon, Me, and Jen
This is such a fun picture to be able to look back at!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Trip to Arkansas...whew!

Last week, Logan and I flew out to Arkansas for a week to visit. We had a really nice time and were so appreciative that Heather and Shane had us for most of our time there. Heather has two children, Tanner (2) and Tatum (10 months). Logan was in heaven with all of their toys. He also did very well on the flights - for which I am sooo thankful!Logan finally has enough hair that we can make him a mohawk. Here he is in the tub at Heather's and she caught this cute picture of him.
She took this one as well and I absolutely love it. It really shows how blue his eyes are. It is not always easy to catch that on film!
The three little monkey's in the tub!
Tanner had the best ride on toys and Logan had a blast figuring all of them out.

You know how he already likes to pretend he is talking on the phone - well, here he is with a leaf pretending again.
We tried to get a picture of Tatum and Logan together, but he wasn't too happy having to sit still with a little girl when there were all those toys to play with.
Tanner pushing Tatum and Logan playing on the toy.
Nice - Heather caught this picture of me supervising.

We got some chalk out for the boys and Logan had fun drawing lots of fun stuff on the driveway.
Such a happy baby!
The boys in deep conversation.
The driveway had a little bit of a hill and Logan had fun running down it. It was very difficult to watch. I just knew he was going to wipe out. But luckily, he didn't!
More fun toys in the house! You would not believe how many toys they have. Their entire dining room was nothing but toys.

Paw Paw and Logan.
We got to stop by my dad's house a couple of times and visit with him and Susan. Logan was really funny while we were there and even said, "Paw paw" which was pretty neat. He doesn't really repeat a lot of words unless he is in the mood, but that was apparently a fun word to say!
On one of our shopping trips, Logan and Tanner were so cute to hold hands. It got a little difficult to push because we had to stay right beside each other, but we thought it was adorable. I went shopping at Mimi Maternity and got some of the cutest stuff. I just love that store!!!
Saturday while we were there, our friends, Chuck and Robin, had their annual Cajun cookout and Logan and I were excited to be able to go this year. We saw a lot of my old friends from High School that I probably hadn't seen since HS. Logan had a great time and was so tired and dirty when we left. He has never been that dirty and of course, it drove me nuts. I could not wait to get back to Heather's to get him bathed. He fell asleep on the way back and I had to wake him for the bath, but thankfully he loves his bath time and didn't complain. This picture is of him playing in one of the many Rino's that were at the cookout.
Logan playing in Heather's flower bed.
I finally found Logan some Sperry's while we were in AR. He has a really wide foot, so we have to look for wides, and couldn't find any Sperry's here, but I finally did and am so excited. I think these couple of pictures are so cute of him because he is really dressed just like his daddy. He has on his Polo shirt and shorts and his Sperry's - just like Patrick. Unfortunately, nowadays all of our pictures have to be action shots. Logan won't just sit and let me take his picture anymore.

We met my brother, Ronnie, for dinner on Sunday night and had a great time. Logan was tired, but he was so good.
Ronnie and Logan.
Logan thought it was so funny that Ronnie was letting him put his feet on the table in the restaurant. Logan loves his Uncle Ronnie!!! He laughed and laughed at him. Of course, that is usually what we all do - spend the whole time laughing at Ronnie.
Ronnie joke - What do you call a 3-legged cow?
...Lean beef
He had several of those, but that is the only one I can remember. He is so silly!
Logan even let Ronnie walk with him to the car. This is quite special because Logan won't normally let people hold his hand while he is walking.
More shopping -
Heather and I took the little two shopping on Sunday so we could pick up some necessities. She put in a Baby Einstein DVD and Logan was mesmerized. He would point at the screen and go, "Da" as loud and as exciting as possible. It was so cute. So now, we have some for our car. We will see if he enjoys it as much now that he has his own...
Still in a trance.
Tatum chilling out in the back with the DVD.
Logan and me at lunch at Trio's. It was sooo yummy. Logan and Tatum decided to start banging on the table together right before we left. I am sure everyone was ready for us to go. Once one of them started, the other would laugh and do the same thing. The difference was Logan was using a book that was sooo loud!
Heather and Tatum at Trio's.
At the table - and Logan talking on the phone with a packet of sugar - he is so my child loving that phone!!! After one of our many busy days.
Logan slept pretty well while we were there. The trick is to make sure there is music playing for him!
Monday we drove to Conway to stay a couple of nights with my friend, Linda, and her family. We went Tuesday morning with her and Drew to his Preschool party at the park. We swang in the swing for a while and then Logan wanted to get in the blow up bouncy castle. I let him get in while all the kids were eating their lunch so he wouldn't get bounced to death. Unfortunately, I had to climb up in there with him and bounce too. I am sure Hampton was wondering what in the world was going on.
Here are some pictures of Logan eating his first snowcone. He liked it a lot at first, but after 5 bites, he was done. But that is how he usually does with any kind of food, anyway.

Logan playing with the tractor in Linda's backyard.

I had to go when we got back and buy him some cars and trucks. Logan didn't have any and he seemed to be drawn to them at everyone else's house, so now he has his own. He played so well with all of them!
Jacob and Logan playing ball together
Jacob was so cute with Logan. He followed him and made sure that he was ok and would just sit and watch Logan play. It was so sweet!
Linda's boys, Jacob and Drew, with Logan.
Finally, all of us girls together again.
Tuesday night all of my girlfriends and I went out to eat at a great place, Michaelangelo's.
We had so much fun catching up and my dad had given me some of my old year books so we looked through those and laughed at ourselves - but mainly at my brother, David, and his mullet. I was crying I was laughing so hard when I saw that picture. It is so much fun to look back at them. It is from my 8th and 9th grade years. It is pretty neat because Patrick is in them too. Now Logan can see what his daddy looked like with hair!
Thanks to all my friends and their families for hostessing Logan and me. We had a lot of fun visiting with all of you and hope to see you all again in the near, near future. Come see me sometime!!! :)