Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Hunting

Patrick, the guys, and all their ducks for that particular day. Patrick had a wonderful time hunting and can hardly wait to get back!

Our Photo Session at the Old Mill

Momma and Logi
Logan, Dylan, and Momma
Blake, Logan, and Momma

My sweet boys

Gosh, they sure are getting big!

Granddaddy and the boys
Friday I decided to take the boys to the Old Mill in North Little Rock. It is a place where I grew up going and so beautiful. I wanted to let the boys see it and get some pictures of them there. I don't have many pictures of all three of the boys together, so I figured this would be the perfect place to do so. It was kind of chilly, but we still managed to get some pictures.
Afterwards, we went and saw my granddad. He is not in that great of health lately and it was very difficult to see him like that. He was very tired while we were there, so we didn't stay long. He did manage to tell me that his wife would have liked to have met Logan. My grammy died 3 1/2 years ago, so that made me kind of sad when he said that.
All in all, it was a wonderful trip to see all of my friends and family. I am looking forward to the next time I can come visit you guys. Love, all of us
Logan and Tanner in the tub
Logan has never bathed with anyone before, so he thought it was lots of fun to get to play and splash with another person
Christmas picture

Heather, Tatum, and Logan
Thanks so much for having all of us, Heather. You made us feel so welcome and we truly appreciate it! Love and miss you,

Logan's 1st Thanksgiving

Shane had taken something out to the car and Logan and Tanner watched out the window for him to come back... it was so sweet
This was Logan's first time to stand up without having something to really hold on to to pull up
My boys!
Our Family picture taken at the Ray's

Logan playing withi his big brother
Patrick, Logan, and Nancy
Momma and Logan
Dylan concentrating on his PSP
We had a very nice Thanksgiving at the Ray's house (The Ray's are Patrick's best friends' parents). We go there every year and the food is always tremendous!!! Every time we leave Patrick wants me to come home and duplicate it and I just can't do it. I am no Nancy and some of her stuff is family recipes!
Thank you again for having us, Nancy and Marshall. We had a wonderful time!!!
We are glad that you all got to be a part of Logan's 1st Thanksgiving!

Big Day

Tanner and Logan playing under the bar stools

They had so much fun together!
Tanner Man
Blake, Dylan, Logan, and Paw Paw
Blake arrived and all Logan could do was laugh at him. It was so cute to see Logan remember Blake and see how much he really missed him. You could certainly tell that Logan knew exactly who it was and that he hadn't seen him in a while
Dylan looks sooo bored

My little Blakester
Logan liked looking at all Heather's pictures on the walls. This is Tanner's last year Christmas pictures
Logan had goldfish for the first time
Gretchen, Shannon, Traci, Heather, and Jenifer
We had our girls night at Bonefish and boy was it yummy. It is always so much fun getting together with all my high school friends. I miss you girls!!!

The girls again
Heather and Traci
Being silly laughing at Jenifer
Jen and Tra
Traci and Gretchen
Although I love living in South Carolina, I sure do realize how much I truly miss all my friends in Arkansas each time I go there. I am pretty sure you can all just move out here by me! :)

Logan's mess

Logan thinks it is fun now to take things and throw them in the floor. He proceeded to empty his suitcase and through all of his clothes in the floor for me.
So pitiful...probably not getting his way with something!

The Wonderplace

Uncle Ronnie and Dylan
Logan playing with Baby Tatum
Holding hands...
Daddy and Logan at the Wonderplace
Dylan playing at the Wonderplace
Loving Brothers

Monday we went to meet up with one of my friends from High School, Corrie, and her family at a childrens play area called Wonderplace. Logan wasn't feeling that well so he didn't enjoy it as much as he could have but it was still a lot of fun. Corrie has two children who really enjoyed it.

Patrick came through Little Rock to see us on his way through there to go do some more hunting (he was pretty much in the woods hunting the entire time we were there). That was really nice to see him even if it was just for a short visit (3 hours).
After we got back to Heather's from our play time, Uncle Ronnie came over to visit the boys. It was so nice to get to see my brother and spend some time catching up with him. He looks great and is still just as funny as ever. Dylan really enjoyed seeing him and on Wednesday night, Ronnie took both of the boys out to dinner. So it was nice that both the boys got to spend some time with him.