Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Update on our family for the week

I have a lot to update on from the past week. Boy, we have had a lot going on. We'll start with pictures I took of Logan this morning.

He has some glasses that Blake gave him from a 3-D movie he had seen.

Such a sweetie!
This picture is how Logan signs, "I love you." I just love it when he does that! He gets on his little ride-on toys and tells me, "Bye" and then he'll sign, "I love you" afterwards. It is just so precious and melts my heart!

The rest of our weekend...
Friday, Patrick had his procedure done (the no more babies one) so he was out of commision for the weekend. This meant that we all stayed home to take care of him and just hung out. We rented 7 movies and are now through 5 of them and the last two are movies that one or the other of us doesn't care to watch. So, we'll each be on our own.
Saturday morning, Logan and I took Blake to Georgia so he could get back to visit with his grandparents who were in town and get ready for school. He starts the 4th of August, so he only has a few more days of summer left. It was really sad coming back home and not having him or Dylan here (Dylan will be back the 14th). I always dread it when they leave. It seems so lonely and it really makes it more sad when Logan walks around saying, "B" or "DooDoo". But, what do ya do? We just keep telling him that they went bye-bye.
Those are the big things that occured over the weekend. Other than that, I have been trying to get some stuff ready for Hampton. I finally got all Logan's old clothes out of the attic yesterday and sorted through them so I could see what Hampton will be able to wear. Since they will have been born in different seasons, it is going to be difficult to reuse some of the stuff, but the daygowns and some of the outfits will work. I guess a lot of it will depend on how big he is and how fast he grows. Hopefully, he won't be and grow as fast as Logan did. Logan is now wearing 24mos - 2t's. It is so sad. He is just so tall for his age.
Chappell and Sara Grace are coming over Thursday morning to help me organize all the clothes in drawers and on hangers. Chappell even offered to iron them for me. How lucky am I???

Thursday, July 24, 2008

32 Weeks Appointment

We had an appointment and an ultrasound this morning. Hampton is measuring big, but not quite as big as originally thought. He was 4 lbs. 13 oz. and in the 67th percentile. He is breach at the moment (which is really scaring me - I do NOT want to have to have a C-section). Dr. Jones has assured me he will turn, but I am still very nervous about that. She measured my tummy, and I was "perfect." So how I went from measuring 5 weeks ahead to perfect, I don't know, but I did not gain any weight this time, so maybe I am stablizing?? I will have another ultrasound on the 5th and I think every week thereafter. That is a lot of fun getting to see him every time. Chappell, Linda (Grams), Blake and Logan went to my appointment with me today and I was so glad that they all got to meet my doctor.
Here are the 4D pictures I got of Hampton. I think he looks so much like Logan right now. But, you never know! He did have some hair that we could see and that was so neat. It was amazing that they could tell he already had hair. I guess he may have more than Patrick and Logan!Isn't he just precious?
Then, here he is on the outside...
I feel sooo huge! I can't believe I still have 8 weeks left!

On a side note - Blake went to the appointment with us as I mentioned and he had to take Logan out of the ultrasound because Logan would cry every time I had to lie down on a table. Everyone kept commenting on what a great son (Blake) I have. The doctor went on and on at how great he was with Logan and how he just knew what to do with him. I do feel so lucky to have such great helpers around. Blake has to go back to Georgia on Saturday. I am very sad about it, but he has to get ready to start school on the 4th. It has been such a fun summer with him, but gosh does it go by fast.
Dylan is already down there having a great visit with his dad and they are seeing lots of movies. He will come back here around the 14th.

Pretty Little Logan

Yesterday I went to Enchanted Closet and got some clothes for Logan and Hampton for next year. I had so much fun and love all their stuff!!! I also got Sara Grace a couple of outfits that I thought I would try on Logan so that Chappell could see what they will fit SG like next year. Patrick was so pleased :)!Logan liked the outfit, but not the tag!
Such a pretty little girl!
Blake had Logan laughing so hard while I took pictures, I figured I better get one of at least just his head so that I had one that didn't look so girly.
Ahhh....the dress.
This was daddy's favorite!!!
For dinner we had barbeque chicken, ranch style beans and corn. Logan would only eat the beans and made an absolute mess! He had a good time and then we had to resort back to baby food again. I don't know what else to do with him. The only thing I can consistently get Logan to eat is baby food. He eats real food in the mornings, but at lunch and dinner, it is always a chance getting him to eat. I have been assured that he won't go to kindergarten eating baby food, but at this rate I am beginning to wonder!

He does enjoy feeding himself from a fork, but that is always a battle too. One day, I am going to get this down.

Crazy little Logan

Tuesday night, we met the family for dinner at Tsunami for Blake's going away. He leaves this Saturday and that was the one night we could all manage to get together. I decided to take a backpack full of toys for Logan so he would have something to do, but that didn't work. Patrick ended up getting his food to go because all Logan wanted was for someone to hold him and once they picked him up, he wanted down. So, that dinner didn't go so well as far as Logan was concerned. Logan and his backpack. I am going to be so sad the day he starts school.
Mom, I'm ready to go!
On our way to dinner, we stopped at Grandma G's to pick up Sara Grace. She was very tired and hungry, so she cried a little on the way there. Logan even started crying because she was and was pointing at her for me to make her stop. It was quite sad!
This was their first time to ride in the car together. What fun!
Logan and Daddy looking at the fish.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cory and Matt's Wedding

Friday night was Cory and Matt's wedding. It was absolutely beautiful and we had such a great time. Cory was the most radiant and beautiful bride. When she walked through the doors to come down the aisle, she was absolutely breath-taking. Patrick and I are so happy for them and wish them many many years of love and happiness! Our family was there - what fun!
Sara, Elizabeth Burt, and Chappell
Us three girls
Elizabeth and Travis. They are our newest members of SPUDDS and we are so excited to have them joining. We really got to know them better at the wedding and are really looking forward to having them as part of supper club!
Chappell and Marty
Momma and Daddy
The happy couple. Aren't they so cute together?
The first dance
Later in the evening. Some of the guys from supper club. Marty, Patrick, Travis, and Chris
Some of us girls
The beautiful bride and me

Okay - so I gave my camera to "someone" to get a group shot of all of us SPUDDS girls and this is what I got...
Luckily, he managed to get at least one of all of us in it!

Ashley, Jennifer, Alexa and Elizabeth R. looking at some of the other crazy pictures we got
Jim and his dashing socks...can you guess who may have had my camera???

Patrick and Jim relaxing with a bottle of wine. Patrick got tired of going to the bar for his drinks, so towards the end of the night, he just started going and getting bottles. In what little defense he has, he was sharing the bottles with two other people. Wow - did they have headaches the next day!
Marty with Cory dancing
The getaway vehicle
Patrick with the keys to the golf cart - trying to act inconspicuous
On their way out - see ya!!!
Congratulations to Matt and Cory. We are so happy for you and wish you all the love and happiness in the world!

Boys and their Toys

Friday Patrick went to "work" and called when he got home to tell me to send Logan outside to see him. When we walked outside, Patrick was driving up in his new golf cart. Apparently, we needed this to replace the gator he sold not too long ago...
Anyway, Logan is hooked and daddy now has to take him riding at least 3 times a day. Anytime you stop, Logan says and signs, "mo." Again, we have created a monster!

Logan signing more. (These pictures uploaded weird, so in one of the pictures, you can see Logan signing).

Daddy, Logan, and Charlie riding around the yard.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Yesterday, Blake, Logan and I went to Edventure for some fun. Logan absolutely loved it and Blake had fun too. We pretty much just stayed in the age-appropriate areas for Logan, but it was still fun.

Logan really liked looking at Eddie. Eddie has a dragonfly on his finger that Logan was dying to touch. You can sort of see it in the picture with Logan and me in front of Eddie. Blake took Logan through Eddie and in the picture at the top of the two of them, you can see Eddie's brain and the inside of his head. It sounds gross, but it is really neat. You can also crawl through Eddie into the different parts which is pretty cool.
Logan had a lot of fun in the "My Backyard" section of the museum. We were in there for over 30 minutes. Blake kept stacking up the blocks for Logan and Logan would knock them over.

There are two windows in this section overlooking Gervais St. and Logan stood there waving at all the cars as they drove by. He also enjoyed pulling and pushing the wheal barrow around.
Of course, we can't go anywhere without checking out all the books. Logan did sit for a few minutes and read. That didn't last too long though. There were way too many other distractions!

An action shot of Logan knocking over Blake's blocks.
There is even a little mock-tugboat that Logan played in. He just likes to turn the steering wheel.

Another fun area was the construction area. Logan had fun making this piece of equipment go with me and he was waving "bye" to Blake.
Climbing face first down the slide.
Playing in the tent in My Backyard
This is the infant section, but Logan didn't seem to care. I have mentioned before that Logan likes to pile pillows up and climb and jump on them, so that is what he did with all the cusions in this section.
They even have a tractor that we got to climb on. That was lots of fun for Logi. He liked playing with the steering wheel again.
We even milked a cow!
The firetruck area was not Logan's favorite. There is a dressed up firefighter (fake) that scared Logan to death. He didn't even want to be in this area because it scared him so badly. He went into the truck with me for a little while, but he was definitely ready to go quickly!
Our own little fireman.
Logan and mom getting ready to leave the firetruck
The car was probably Logan's absolute favorite area. He climbed right into the passenger side and I put his seatbelt on for him. When I thought it was time to go I took the seatbelt off and Logan jerked it back from me and put it back on. Then, he looked up and said and waved, "bye."
Bubbloosa - the summertime exhibit.
Logan did not want help when it came to making bubbles. He was insistent on doing it himself which made an absolute mess. But, he enjoyed it!

Blake even had some bubbles he could play with. This is the human bubble he is making.
Then, we made our way over to the water section. That is where Logan got drenched. There was a fountain that you could control and some other children found it while Logan was standing there. So, Logi got soaked. He didn't seem to mind though. He just wanted to play in the water with the boats. He did try to drink the water out of the boat, but I caught him. How nasty!
Blake and Logan making the water fountain spray

There is also a huge slide-tower outside that Blake took Logan up. I hate heights, so it really scares me to see Logan up that high. Blake is so good with him though.
Finally, they made their way down the slide and Logan came and got his iced water and we headed home. What a fun EdVenture!!!