Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fun with Hampton

I haven't really gotten any good pictures of Hampton's cute two little teeth and figured I better. He is trying to cut more on the bottom right now so he won't look like this for long. I think baby's look so cute with just their bottom two teeth!Hampton has actually had a fussy couple of weeks lately. It stinks! I think it is a combination of his teeth trying to cut, he's had another ear infection, he has been very congested, and on top of that he is almost 8 months old and may be a little more aware of when I am not holding him. He wants to be held all the time. It has been a trying couple of weeks, but I just hope he feels ok. This is so hard on everyone!
He's still pretty happy and sweet though...just look at that face!
I love the way he will sit and play with his toys now without falling over. That is so nice!

I love you, baby boy!!

Laundry Basket Rides

Monday morning the boys got a laundry basket ride from Gran. It was just Logan at first and then they put Hampton in. They both loved it and wore Gran out.
Does Hampton look scared or what? I think he has a death grip on Logan's shirt.
I told Logan to wave at the camera and it looks like Hampton is waving to the other side - :)
Ok - coming to the end of the ride.
Thanks for the great fun, Gran!

Mommy's Mess

Logan loves his camera. He will walk up to you and say, "Say Cheese." Of course, he is always looking through it the wrong way, but it is so sweet. I think he thinks I look like I always have a camera to my sad.
When we went to the zoo the other day, he grabbed his camera and told me, "Ogi take pictures of Namils." He can't quite say "animals" yet. It is so sweet.
So, Saturday afternoon I had a very bad "OOPS." Hampton had thrown up peas all over his white outfit so I put it in Patrick's sink to soak for a while. The problem was that I pulled the plug to stop the sink, turned on the, water, and left to go get the baby some other clothes. Well, then I decided he needed a nap, went downstairs and debated going to the grocery store, wrote a list, and LEFT. Meanwhile, the water was still running! I seriously think I have ADD now. It is so horrible the things I have done lately. This takes the cake though. I am so frustrated with myself. I am wondering if they make medication for it???
Patrick was out of town and didn't get back until Sunday. When he got back is when I realized how bad the damage was. We had to pull the carpet up from the bathroom all the way to my bed because it was still so wet. Under the house was soaked also because of the a/c vent in our bathroom floor getting flooded. Luckily, it wasn't bad enough where we had to call the insurance company, but I think that is just because my husband knows what he is doing. He told me that I should have pulled the carpet up right when it happened - seriously??? Like I know how to do that!
Here is the damage and in the pictures above, Logan went and got his new tools that he had gotten for Easter and he helped his daddy. He had a drill and was working it on the carpet. It was a cute picture if nothing else!
When I mess up, I do it big time!!!

Small Group Fun

Saturday after the Kids Fest and after a good, long nap, we went to the Brewer's so the kids could all play together. All the men were at "Man Camp," so it was just us girls and the babies. It was lots of fun and the kids all got along so great. We had pizza, crazy bread, cookies, and fruit. Logan loves to dig in the dirt and play with trucks so he got right to it in Jennifer's garden. She said she didn't care that he was digging up the garden, so I let him do it (I swear I asked her several times if she cared).
Hampton played in John Parker's stroller for a few minutes so gran could feed him some dinner. He had a good time being outside.
The girls of the group - Landree and Camryn
This is a funny picture of Cooper. He was eating while he was riding. It is hard to tell, but his pizza is on the back of the scooter behind his foot. It was so funny.
Logan got really upset because Landree was following him while he was pushing the dump truck. He thought she wanted to play with it and she just wanted to look at his face where he got the helicopter painted. He had a look of terror and panic that she was going to take the truck from him or that he was going to have to share. It was so sad.
Cooper with his pizza
Jackson sat on this toy long enough for me to grab a picture of him. They are moving soon to Raleigh and we are going to miss the Woodhams so much!
Thanks for having us over, Jennifer. We had lots of fun. Maybe next time we can stay longer!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kids Day of Lexington

Saturday was Kids Day of Lexington so we decided to head down to enjoy the festivities. My mother came in from Arkansas the night before, so we thought that would be something fun to do!Logan had his first popcicle of this year. He loved it but got tired of it after awhile.
We even got to see Cocky! Logan wasn't too sure about him, but was very good to tell Cocky "bye-bye" when we left.
Logan got his first face painting. He got a blue helicopter. He did very well leaving it alone too. I was very afraid it would make a huge mess, but was happily surprised that it didn't!
Logan also got to go "fishing" at a booth. He won a blow up ball. It was cute except he wanted to keep fishing with each rod. I just kept giving the ball back to them and having them reattach the original ball. It was more that he wanted to fish rather than get the prize.
Logan got to pet the horse that was there. He was pretty intimidated by the horse though.
Finally, a snow cone. Logan called it an "icee cone." He loved it and when I tried to give him a hot dog, he threw it on the ground and told me he wanted another "icee cone." I wasn't going to let him have another one though...
I do have to say they were very refreshing. It was 85 degrees and very hot!!!
Sweet little boy and his snow cone
Right before we left, Logan wanted to get out of the stroller to see the big tractor. He would have stayed there all day had I let him. He saw the scoop and sat there picking up dirt off the ground putting it in there. It was so cute. He thought he was really working and was very serious about it.

Logan and Gran before we left for the house and NAPS!
That was exhausting.

Another Zoo Day

Last Friday, Logan and I met some friends at the zoo for a little while. It was crazy!!! I will definitely avoid the zoo on Fridays from now on. Every school around here was on a field trip there that day. You know it's bad when you pull into the parking lot and they are directing traffic!Logan and the lion
The bears were out and wrestling again. That is always fun to watch. I know it is hard to tell him this picture - sorry!
Logan asked to go see the cow about 100 times, so we finally made it to see him.
Sweet little Logan
After the zoo, we went through Chick-fil-a because Hampton has been sick all week and we missed going on Tuesday since we couldn't go to My Gym. Logan loves to get his "bauck-bauck and applejuice."
It was such a nice day out, so we pulled the top back in the car to look at the clouds.
I just love this little boy so very much. I could kiss him all day!
Hampton had to go back to the doctor while we went to the zoo, so Patrick took him. He has not been feeling well for a while now and I was worried his ears weren't getting any better. The dr said they looked fine but he now has a head cold....uggghhh. When will we be past this??? I hate that he doesn't feel well. It makes him so pitiful and miserable!

7 1/2 months and Sitting

Hampton is sitting up so well now. I can finally sit him down and not have to worry about him falling over. We no longer use the boppy for him!He's just so sweet and cute!
Logan built this dam with all his books, Hamptons toys and also the bouncy seat. I think he was trying to keep us out of his space!
It is so fun watching Hampton sit up and play now. What a good boy!

Bathtime with Boys

The boys take their baths together everynight now. Hampton has just gotten where he will sit up enough so he doesn't have to lie in the sling for his baths. Washing his hair is a little more difficult since he isn't lying back, but we make it work. Here they are playing together one night.

This is a picture I think everyone has of their child - it's a must-have!
Logan wasn't too happy about my washing his hair this particular night! He's so cute nonethess!

Pictures with Hampton

These are just some snapshots of Hampton I took on the 11th... You can see the little buds of his first two teeth that came in on the 1st!

Our little Gamecock
He still loves his toes!