Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Elmo at My Gym

I took the boys to meet Aunt Chappell and Sara Grace at My Gym after Drew's party so they could see Elmo! It was lots of fun. There was an open house and both boys had a great time playing! Hampton loved being able to run around and play!
He wasn't in the least bit scared of Elmo!
Logan decided he was safer hiding out and viewing Elmo from a distance.
He finally went into the birthday room to play with the tent.
Logan even let Sara Grace play with him for a little bit!
Then he tried to keep Hampton out of the tent - boy oh boy!
Sara Grace spent most of her time rearranging all the chairs.
She tried giving Hampton kisses, and he just wanted to play with her face.
Logan helped himself to some juice boxes that were on the table - they weren't opened so I am assuming that's what they were for!
Sara Grace sliding
Logan and Sara Grace playing
Aunt Chappell and Logan and Sara Grace (and baby Wilson who is due in March). :)
Hampton loves to be held by people. He pretty much goes to anyone and loves to cuddle with them. He even went to Mr. Jared.

He also let Miss Carly hold him for a long time.
Sara Grace on the move!

Hampton and his girlfriend, Savannah. He loves her hair especially when it's in a pony tail. He just loves her!!! She is such a cute and happy little girl!

All the cousins in the ball pit
Sara Grace loved Elmo!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Drew!

On the 22nd of August, Logan was invited to his friend, Drew's birthday part at the bowling alley. I was a little nervous about Logan bowling, but he did pretty well. He wanted to do it for a little bit, but really only cared about getting a cupcake. So, he kind of whined for a while about that and drove me nuts, but hey, he's two!
Our first time to bowl
The ball was kind of heavy for Logan, so I had to help him each time and it rolled pretty slow at first until I started "helping" with the rolling.
After we rolled it, he was so excited watching it roll!
He got most of the pins and then the next bowl, got his spares. Woo-hoo!

Yay, Logan! He was not cooperative for this picture!
I love my hugs from my boys!!!
Hudson and Bella Grace

What a sweet little face!
He tried to carry the ball himself, but I was scared we were going to hurt something, so I had to step in.
Ava did a great job bowling!
Bella Grace and her mommy watching her roll

Little Jackson was very independent and bowled all by himself!
The plates with a cupcake on it that Andrea made. She did a great job!
Andrea made these cakes for Drew. How talented she is!!!
Happy Birthday, Drew!

Finally - it's cake time! Logan about wore me out on wanting some cake!!!
Jackson had a great time eating his cupcake too!
Thanks for having us at your birthday party, Drew. We had a great time and hope you had a wonderful day!!! Love you!

Logan's 1st Day of Preschool 9/2/09

Logan started 2 year old preschool, Wednesday the 2nd of September. He was excited to go back to school and play on the playgroud. We got him up and really talked it up for him so that he was looking forward to it and not dreading it.His little backback by the door waiting and ready. We had to have 3 extra pull ups, a change of clothes, and a sippy cup in there. All ready to go!
Logan having his breakfast before the big day! Panckakes - Yum!!!
Hampton had some pancakes too!

All dressed and ready to go. He didn't want to wear the nametag that he was supposed to wear, but I got it on him for a moment...
...then, off it came.
When we got outside to take pictures, all he wanted to do was run around in the driveway. I had to catch him for the pictures.
He even tried hiding from daddy behind the car.
Finally - caught him! I love my little boy and was so very sad that he went to school. I am just sad that he is growing up so fast!

On our way...
Logan's new smile for me. He says, "cheese" and then closes his eyes.
Or he smiles behind his cup!
When we got to his classroom, he wanted me to stay right with him and didn't want me to leave.
Not wanting to let go - don't feel bad, Logan. I didn't want to let go either!
We went potty before I left him.
I got him to engage in an activity on the mat and got a few pictures at the door before heading out. Patrick made me leave because I was standing at the window looking in. I was very upset, but I know he is going to love it!!!

We got back to the car and I got this picture of Hampton celebrating being the only child for a couple of hours!
Logan had a great first day. He went potty when he was suppose to and didn't get upset at all. He seemed to really enjoy it! I pretty much watched the clock and couldn't wait to go get him and find out how his day went. It was wonderful though! Yay!!!