Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas with the Family

We had a wonderful Christmas dinner and enjoyed playing with our crackers
Sara with her present to Logan
Aunt Sara feeding little Logi
Uncle Tom, Patrick, and Alex
Chappell, Nana, Aunt Jinny, and Grandaddy
After we had our Christmas in the morning, the rest of the family came over for dinner, desert, and some nice family time. It is always so fun to be with everyone during the Holidays!
We missed having Blake and Dylan who spent Christmas with their dad and family at their grandparents house in Arkansas. They also had a wonderful Christmas there and enjoyed seeing a lot of family they don't get to see that often.

Logan's 1st Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas with Logan. He was so cute with all his stuff and it really reminds you that children totally "make" Christmas!
We have a routine in the mornings...I go get Logan, change him, feed him his bottle while I sit on the couch, and then he plays on the couch with me. Well Christmas morning, Logan ate his bottle and immediately spotted what Santa had brought for him. He could not get off the couch fast enough. I had to hold on to him so that Patrick could grab the camcorder real quick. It was so cute and all Logan wanted to do was play with the balls that went to his play house. There were 3 of them and he couldn't figure out how to hold all 3 at one time, so he would hold two and then swap one out for the one that was just sitting there. It was quite funny!
Logan with the balls
His other favorite thing about the play house is the doorbell. He loves to press buttons, so we get to hear the house talk A LOT!
His new ride on Firetruck
Playing in the doorway of the house
Awww - he loves the house!
This is overwhelming!
Opening presents
I think it is hard to tell, but there is a bow on Logan's head that he did not like there!
Opening another present
His new chair that Santa brought for him. It is so cute - he will just get up there and sit down like such a big boy

Marty and Chappell got a new camera just like mine for Christmas (this gets kind of confusing) and we had fun taking lots and lots of pictures!

Logan made a plaque for Nana that had an angel made out of his footprints
Logan playing with Alex at the house
Uncle Marty loving on Logan - Marty, you are such a good uncle and are going to make such a wonderful daddy!
Aunt Patty put her glasses on Logan. He looks like such a little old man!
Logan playing with Uncle Marty again
We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We sure did and are so very grateful.
Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas Eve

Logan and Daddy before we went out and did our last minute shopping
Logan helping me with the dishes - he makes such a cute little helper
We had our friends, The Brewers, over for dinner and had a really nice time. Their son, Cooper, is so cute and funny. He is about 18 months old and is so busy all the time. He was so cute pushing Logan around in the dump truck.
Logan and Cooper playing with the toys
Momma and Logan before Logan had to go to bed
Daddy starting our new tradition of reading Twas the Night Before Christmas
We decided that Patrick would do that every year
Logan made it about half way through and then lost interest, but we thought that was pretty good for only being 10 months old. Logan really loves to be read to!
Playing under the sofa table
Going to bed and ready for Santa
Not quite ready to go to sleep though...
Santa's presents he left
Awww - so precious!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Logan and Santa

Logan had pictures made with Santa last weekend. Here are some of them that my photographer, Stacey, took. I think they turned out so cute.

We had more made with Santa and a different photographer. Her website is
and then find "Suber" and click on that. The passcode to view them is 10152007d
I think those turned out so cute as well. Some of my favorites are of Logan looking at Santa and Santa looking at him. At first, Logan didn't want anything to do with Santa. You can tell how Logan warmed up to him through the pictures. This will explain why I am in the first couple of pictures and then kind of disappear. We had Santa hide and then he kind of walked in to where Logan was playing. All in all, we have some great pictures of Logan's first Christmas and encounters with Santa!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Logan's New Toy

Here are some pictures of Logan and Patrick with Logan's new dump truck with Mega Blocks. I don't know who likes it more - Patrick or Logan? Logan had a good time being pushed around the house in it - he just smiled and screamed!

This week at the Suber's

We have had such a busy week! Dylan had school through Wednesday and had a huge test on Tuesday in his Social Studies class. So, Monday night he was really studying hard because he needed to do well in order to pull his grade up in there. We had dinner with Patrick's grandmother at Outback which was nice - BUT right after I started eating my tooth (that I just had prepped for a crown Tuesday before) started killing me. I called Tuesday to talk with the dentist and let him know that it had been bothering me and he sent me in for a root canal - UGHHH! So, I spent the morning crying and carrying on because I hate dental work so badly. However, Dr. McHugh is so good with me and makes sure I am good and numb before he does anything. I even fell asleep while they were working on me! But I have been pretty sore for the rest of the week.
Thursday, Dylan flew out to Arkansas to meet his dad and family at his grandparent's house for Christmas. It has been pretty quiet without him here! Logan looks for him all the time, but luckily Patrick has been home a lot more to make up for it. I will get both Blake and Dylan next Thursday for a week and then Blake will have to go home to Georgia :). It is going to be so nice having him so close!!!
Logan is busy following his daddy around the house and playing with the new Mega Bloks dump truck that daddy picked out for him at Babies R Us the other day. I think it was supposed to be a Christmas present, but I just couldn't make him wait for all his presents.
We hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season and not too stressed out! We have really enjoyed it this year and are spending this weekend at home and relaxing around the tree. I love that part of Christmas and the best part is spending it with family. I am really looking forward to next week when the boys get back and we can do Christmas with them and have some time together!
Funny story on a side note...yesterday Chappell had an appointment to do her maternity pictures. She invited me to go with her and I was so excited she did. We met up at the MALL at 2 and they took the pictures at Picture People. Then, they told us to come back around 3 to view them. So we walked around and did some shopping to kill time. We went and viewed the pictures, picked the ones we liked, and waited on them to print. Well, I decided I would go ahead and leave at this time so I could get home and spend some time with Logan before the sitter got their for us to go to dinner. About an hour and a half later, Chappell called me from the mall to tell me she was still there and had sat in her car for 30 minutes and could not move because the traffic was so horrible! She just went back inside the mall and sat down in the shoe department. I don't know what time she finally got home, but the moral of the story - don't shop at Columbiana Center on Harbison the Friday before Christmas - especially if you need to get somewhere!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Santa's Little Helper

Logan and I had some errands to run the other day and it was quite chilly out. So, he needed a hat! He has the cutest little Santa hat that fits him perfectly and he wore it the entire time we shopped at Best Buy and Target. Usually, he will rip hats off, but maybe he knew that it was too cold for him to do so. He was all decked out in his hat and "Santa Rocks" t-shirt! He really is this happy 95% of the time!
So sweet!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Little Logan

Logan is getting so big...ugghhh! He has started to realize that he can try to hide things from us if we try to take it away, or he will run from us if he has something that he knows he shouldn't have. It is kind of funny, but can be dangerous! Grams gave Logan 3 of his presents while we were at her house the other day and Logan just loves the little people that go in the school bus she got for him. He likes to carry them around in his mouth - by their heads!
What a funny baby!
He also loves to throw my coasters all over the house