Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Party

Momma's little scarecrow

Logan loves the swing

Such a sweet and happy baby

Logan eating the string on one of Maddox's toys
Logan was invited to his first Halloween party at the Render's last night. It got kind of chilly out, so we were only outside with everyone for a little bit because Logan's mom forgot to bring him socks! So, we hung out in the den and it worked out well because I didn't have to hold him as long. He doesn't like to sit and crawl around in the grass.
There were so many cute costumes. There were several monkey's, several cinderella's, a lion, tiger, Elvis, Robin Hood, a cute little chicken, a bumble bee, pumkin, and many more that were adorable as well. Of course, we also had a precious little scarecrow. He did wear his hat most of the time, so I was very impressed with his doing that! We had a great time, Elizabeth. Thanks for doing the party and inviting us! Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday Afternoon

Logan at the baptism

Patty and her witch hat

Patrick and Traci before the wedding

Sunday afternoon we had a wedding to attend. Our friends from small group, Carol and Red, got married and it was such a beautiful ceremony. We are so happy for them. I did not bring my camera in to get any pictures, unfortunately. While we were at the wedding, Patty came over to babysit for us. She is always so sweet to come over and keep Logan when I need her to. Thanks for your help, Patty!!

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Dylan's Baptism

Pastor Bill and Dylan

Posted by PicasaDylan was baptized after church yesterday. It was so cool and we are so proud that he has made the decision to follow Jesus Christ. I know so many of you feel the same way that I do when I say that as a mother, you question yourself so many times on how you are raising your children and if you are doing the right things when it comes to parenting. But, when it comes to our faith, I have never waivered on that. So, it makes me so happy and proud to know that both my older boys are christians and will hopefully continue to walk with Jesus throughout their lives! Congratulations, Dylan!!! We love you!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Sad Day...

I am going out of town tonight for a Women of Faith conference. It is only overnight, but I am really having a rough morning knowing that I am going to be away from my family for over 24 hours. I am so worried about so many different aspects of leaving. I am sure I will be fine once I get there, but it is getting out the door that is going to prove to be hard. I am so sad, and worried. Hopefully, Patrick can really handle it. Dylan is always a big help too. It is just hard to think about it....ok, I'll quit rambling. Anyway, once I get back tomorrow night, I will blog some more.

The Dog Bowl

Logan finally found the dog's bowl. So, now it is put up during the day. He made a complete mess with the water, but it was rather funny. Apparently, the word "no" does not pertain to Logan yet. We are still working on that one.

Posted by PicasaIt is really difficult to get on to Logan when what he is doing is so darn funny.
Needless to say, we had to change his clothes right away.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Happy 13th Birthday, Dylan!

Dylan opening some of his gifts

He got a PSP from all of his parents and was so excited

Posted by PicasaBlake gave Dylan an Elmo birthday card that had the number "3" on it and he added a "1" in front of it to make it say, "13." There was also a sticker inside that he did not change and we made him put it on. As you can tell, he was not impressed with Blake's prank.
We did have a great time celebrating Dylan's birthday. He will have his party tomorrow night but we have to get through all of his 9-week exams first. It has been a rough week on him and we are all ready for the exams to be over. Hopefully, he can really enjoy his new stuff this weekend. W
We hope you had an awesome 13th birthday, Dylan. We love you, Mom, Patrick, and Logan

More of James' Birthday

The Birthday Boy - for some reason I only got 2 really good pictures of him. Here he is eating that delicious cake.

Aunt Chappell and Marty introduced Logan to the fountain

Posted by PicasaLogan loves to play in the water!

Boo at the Zoo

Cooper the little rooster

Momma and her little Lion

All the babies - Cooper, Camryn, Layne, Landree, and Logan

Posted by PicasaJennifer and Landree
This was such fun having this time together. I love being able to get the babies around each other. They are always so cute and there is never a dull moment. During the pictures with all the babies, Logan was trying to touch Landree's little eyeball. She was so sweet and just sat there blinking like...what are you doing???

More Boo at the Zoo

Camryn the little Lady Bug. This is one of the sweetest children ever. She never makes a peep and is so laid back.

Daddy and Logan looking at the Zebras

Michael playing with Logan's feet and Logan just loved it!

Posted by PicasaJennifer, Landree, Logan and Traci on the carousel
Sunday evening Patrick, Logan, and I went to Boo at the zoo with our small group and had the best time. Logan was not sure what to think. There were little stations throughout the zoo where you could stop and get candy. I gave him a dum-dum with the wrapper on it to suck on and he managed to bite through the wrapper and get some of the good stuff (this was a very supervised experience for those of you worrying). It was funny to try and take it away. He did NOT want to give up the sucker!

Happy Birthday, James!

Momma and Logan on the way to the party

Logan playing in the little house with Sawyer

Here comes the Birthday Boy!

Aunt Chappell, Uncle Marty, and Logan at the party

Sunday we went to James' 2nd Birthday party. He was so cute in an outfit that his mother made the smocking for. She did a great job on it and it was so special that James was able to wear it on his birthday. We had a great time at the party and James was very busy - so busy in fact that his mom had a difficult time getting him to sit still for any pictures. But, the action shots are always my favorites anyway. She got some really cute ones in the blow up bouncy thing (I am sure that is the technical term for it). We had boxed lunches and probably the best cake I have ever had. James is loved by so many people and we feel blessed to part of such a special little boys life. Happy Birthday, James. Love, Patrick, Traci, Dylan and Logan

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Momma and her little cub!

Logan got a balloon made for him (it's a teddy bear) and all he wanted to do was to eat it.

Posted by PicasaWe even got a picture made with Cocky!
Last night Chappell and I took Logan to Hallowonka at Edventure Children's museum. It really wasn't age-appropriate, but we had a good time regardless. Logan was a little Lion again, but he would only keep the hood up for a few minutes and then he tried to rip it off again. It was so cute.