Friday, March 28, 2008

Dylan in DC

So, here is little Dylan pouting in DC. He was mad that we were not going to the Segway's when he wanted to and he did not feel like walking around and then he got into a fight with Blake. He got into trouble because he was slinging my camera around while he was trying to fight with Blake. So needless to say, he was a little cranky. But, we could not do without getting pictures of him. It was so sad...I meant to zoomo in on this before I posted it, but Dylan saw us taking his picture and he was trying to hide. In this picture he actually has a grin from trying to hide. It was so funny!
Just pitiful
Looking at the birds
In the left of this picture is Blake with me and then Dylan sat as far away from us as possible (on the right). I am so glad we have all these pictures to remember his behavior that day!
If this isn't the saddest picture you have ever seen!
I am sure he isn't going to appreciate my posting these, but I hope it will teach him a lesson not to act that way just because he doesn't get his way! Oh how hard it must be to be 13!

Grandaddy's Funeral at Arlington National Cemetary

Monday was Grandaddy's funeral at Arlington National Cemetary. I thought it was honorable and special. It was also very emotional for me to go through all that again. But now there is finally some closure. I know that because Grammy and Grandaddy are in DC I will definitely go back as much as I can to visit them. It is still so hard to believe that he is gone, but I am sure time will help it sink in. Anyway, here are some of the pictures we got during and after the ceremony. What an honor to be a part of such a wonderful man's life!

After the ceremony we got lots of pictures. This is my 3 brothers and me. From left - Ronnie, David, and then Patrick.
This is a picture of all the grandchildren. From left in the back row - Miles, Evan, Ronnie and then in the front row - David, me, Patrick, Anna, Vanessa, and Francis. It was special that we could all be there together. I hope that we will all still get together in the future.
Another picture of all of us with Blake, Dylan, and Patrick added.
Our family
Patrick and Traci
Blake and Dylan
Me and the boys
The boys browsing through all the stones. It was unbelievable how straight all the stones were. It was so symetrical and very impressive.

Dylan - who I know needs a haircut and will be getting one on Sunday.
After the ceremony, we all went out to lunch and then I took Blake and Dylan to the airport to fly to their dad's. Dylan is on Spring Break this week and is in GA spending some time with his dad. I know he is having a great time! They will both be back here on Sunday so Blake can spend his Spring Break here and Dylan can get back to school.
All the boys in the family.
My baby brother, Ronnie and me. Ronnie is 9 1/2 years younger than I am. I didn't manage to catch a picture of me with Patrick. Most people would think that out of all of us, Patrick and I look most alike - probably because of the eyes.
David and me. David is the oldest of my brothers. He is not quite 2 years younger than I am.

Our DC Trip

Last Friday we left for Washington DC and we had such a great time. Logan stayed with Patrick's mom and Dylan, Patrick, and I drove up. Blake flew in on Saturday and we headed straight out for the sights. It was such an awesome place to be and so patriotic. I am dying to go back! Blake and Patrick rang the bell and it kind of scared Blake
Patrick and me in front of the capital

We were so lucky to see the president flying in to the White House. I thought this was so cool!
Washington Monument
Blake and me on the steps of the capital
Blake looking up at the capital and he picked a leaf from the tree as a souvenier - what a goob!

Blake being silly

Isn't that breathtaking???

Blake at the tiny little fountain area on the capital grounds - Apparently a lot of private meetings have been held here.
Blake and Patrick at the front of the Capital
Sunday we rented a Segway tour and had the best time. We all did very well. There were 9 of us total. My 3 brothers and my brothers girlfriend also came with us. We had a blast. The name of the rental place was called "Segs in the City." I thought that was so clever. So, here we are in front of the White House. That was pretty neat. The WH was a lot smaller than I expected and our tour guide said that people say that all the time.
So Beautiful!
My three brothers racing

This man sitting down was preaching about something regarding Muhamed Ali - so, Patrick stopped to listen to him for a minute.
Dylan on his Segway
We were freezing by the time we were done, so Patrick was warming me up!
We took the Metro everywhere and it was so quick and clean. I couldn't believe it. Of course, we did get on the wrong one a couple of times and went the wrong way another, but we eventually figured it out and now we are pros!
Patrick and me with my brother, David
That night (after the seg's) we had pizza at the hotel in the lobby.
We were in town for my Grandaddy's funeral at Arlington so all my cousins, my two aunts, my brothers, and my second cousins were all in town.
It was nice to see everyone. It is kind of sad to wonder if I will ever get to see some of them again.
Anyway, I did have a nice time visiting!
I know you have probably noticed and wondered why when we were on the capital steps and walking around and taking all the pictures Dylan isn't in any of them - well, there will definitely be a post to follow with all the pictures we got of Dylan. He was NOT left out!

Easter with Logan

Since we were leaving to go to DC on Friday, Patrick and I had the Easter Bunny bring Logan his Easter basket Thursday night. He saw it right away and kept trying to pull it down. So finally, we let him have it. He got lots of fun stuff, but his favorites are always the books!