Sunday, November 30, 2008

Precious Christmas Pictures

We had Christmas Pictures of the little boys and Sara Grace made Friday (yes, I had even more pictures made). Check them out at Stacey's web site... I think they turned out so cute and I can't decide which ones I am using for the Christmas cards!
I will add that the photos took 2 1/2 hours because of our outfit changes, prop set-up and children not cooperating - mainly Logan! It was quite comical and very exhausting!!!I think this is my favorite of Hampton, but I love most of the ones by himself, too.
Next year we are working on getting a Santa and having a day for Stacey take pictures with him!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Boy's Pictures

Sunday evening we had the boys pictures made for our Christmas cards and just to have. It was their first photo shoot together and it went pretty well. The whole process revolves around Logan! Check out the rest of the pictures at I think the pictures are on the last page. It is under "Traci and the boys."I have a lot of updating to do and will try to get that done tonight. Blake was here for the weekend and we had a great time together!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dylan's Tournament

Yesterday Dylan had his first wrestling tournament in Ft. Mill. He had 3 matches scheduled and the first one was a scratch - meaning the guy didn't show up so Dylan automatically won. The second match he won and apparently dominated the match 9-0. He left before his 3rd match, but it ended up being that it was ok because the guy he was supposed to wrestle broke his arm before their match.
Friday he had to dress up for school (this is the policy of the coach that they dress up the day of or before a match if it is on Saturday). I thought Dylan looked so handsome and of course, couldn't resist taking pictures!
Dylan's dad came up to go to the tournament with him and took some great pictures. I will post them as soon as I get them from him later this week.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Poor Poor Dylan

I really think this is the saddest picture ever....could he look more pitiful? So, the story goes like this...Dylan walks in the door from wrestling practice and I immediately freak out and ask what happened. Don't ask me how (because I still can't figure this out) but Dylan got rope burn somehow during a drill while he was at practice. He apparently ran into the rope while they were pulling it (or something like that). At least what really happened isn't as bad as I originally thought when I saw him.
Dylan was in good spirits about it. That made me feel better until Patrick reminded me that we have family pictures this Sunday.
I am pretty sure he will be wearing make-up during the pictures! :)

Congratulations, Brewers!

Tuesday, Cooper came over to stay with us while his mommy and daddy went to the hospital to have his little brother. Logan just loves Cooper and it was fun having a buddy for him to play with.
John Parker Brewer
was born at 9:37 am and weighed 9 lbs 12 oz! He was a big boy!!! Here are the boys looking at the first picture we got of him via text message - way to go, Michael.
Logan and I went with Jennifer Gray and Landree to the hospital to take Cooper to meet his new brother that evening. It was a little crazy, but fun to see Cooper's reaction. I think he was more worried about his mommy's boo boo than anything else. He finally started to pay some attention to the baby though. It was so sweet!!!

How sweet is his expression???

Cooper is going to be a great big brother!

He had to see how much hair John Parker had. Apparently, JP looks just like Cooper did and pretty much had the same stats, too. They are going to be best buds!
Landree even joined Miss Jennifer in the bed to see the baby a little better!
Look how great Jen looks. Can you believe she had the baby that morning?

John Parker Brewer

Logan decided he would rather play in the linen closet than see the baby.

Hampton - Catching up

It has been cold here this past week so I have to put a hat on Hamp when we go out. I thought this was so cute of him. This is the hat they made him at the hospital. Can you believe it still fits him. He is definitely not growing as fast as all my other boys did. I love it! I am hopeful that he won't be as huge as they all were and might actually wear the clothes that he should at the right times!My sweet baby!
I put Hampton on the floor with the activity mat and this is the first time he actually showed some interest. (It was Monday, November 17th).
He still loves to chew on his little hand. It is so cute when he finds it. He will just sit there and chew on his fist forever and entertain himself - so, so cute!
He actually hit the dangling toys a couple of times!
So sweet - looking at this daddy.
He looks so pitiful in this picture, but I swear he was so happy!
I just love this baby!!!!

Terrible Gamecock Loss!

Saturday we had the family over for the game. We had the best time with them, but unfortunately the Gamecocks had a terrible loss to the Gators (56-6) - Wow!
Here are some shots from the evening...Logan enjoyed having so many people over. He was in rare form and definitely entertained!
Sara Grace us now pulling up and that was so much fun to see!
Caroline, Jonathan, and Haile Calore also came over.
It was so cute watching Logan and Caroline. Although Logan is not so good at sharing...
Logan loved hugging everyone as they were leaving. I love seeing him love on his cousin!
Caroline wasn't so sure about all this love!
Sara Grace thought Uncle Patrick's beard was fun to rub. She was so cute trying to figure all that facial hair out.
Uncle Marty getting some lovin's from Logi.
Aunt Sara getting in some snuggles with little Hampton - who pretty much slept the entire game. He had the right idea!
The big hug with Caroline and Logan
Hopefully in a couple of weeks the Gamecocks will beat the Tigers and end our season happily!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dylan's Wrestling

Dylan went out for wrestling this year and is loving it. He was going to try and do wrestling and TKD, but he realized very quickly that he was going to be too exhausted after wrestling and wouldn't feel like keeping up with TKD. So, he is taking a break from TKD and will test for his temporary Black Belt in March. He is loving the wrestling and seems to be doing quite well in it. His first meet/tournament is next Saturday.
He got his uniform tonight and I got some pictures of him. He didn't want me to take pictures of him without the gym shorts on, so this is what I got! :) Oh yeah, he did get a hair cut last night. He wanted it shorter than it is, but I am making him wait until after our pictures that are next weekend.
Good luck in wrestling, Dyl!
We can't wait to come watch you!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hampton's 2 Month Well-Baby

We took Hampton (and Logan) to the doctor this morning for his well-baby check-up. Stats:
  • 12 lbs 10 oz - 75th %
  • 23 1/2 inches long - 75th %
  • 15 1/2 in head circumference - 30th %He had to get his first round of shots and that was so sad. He had just fallen asleep and when she stuck him the first time (there were 3 sticks) he started screaming and the tears started. It was so sad when he opened his little eyes and looked at me through those tears! It was so hard for me not to cry!

Right before Hampton had his shots, we had them give Logan his flu shot and that was quite traumatic! Logan hates going to the doctor and usually starts crying as soon as Dr. Whitaker walks in, but this time he just clung to his daddy. Once the nurse was done with the shots, daddy and Logan left so they could take Dylan to school. Logan did very well considering the circumstances. We will go back to the doctor at 4 months and I guess have more shots then.Logan wanted to hold Hampton the other night while he watched tv. Every time I would try to take the baby back from him Logan would get mad. It was too precious!!!

Hampton has found his little hands and it is so cute. He rode all the way to the doctor this morning entertaining himself with his hands and cooing - it was so sweet!

Hampton is 10 weeks now and is doing very well as far as his schedule and sleeping goes. He is a pretty laid back baby and will entertain himself very well. He is sleeping around 6 - 6 1/2 hours at a time at night and eating ever 3 hours during the day and sometimes will go 4. He is definitely a good baby and for that I am so thankful!!!
Sweet little Hampton in the bath.
I just love this picture. We caught this of Hampton after his bath. He is such a sweet baby!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Go Gamecocks!!!

Saturday was a big day - we left Logan and Hampton at Mimi's and I-dada's house and Dylan, Patrick, and I went to cheer on the Gamecocks to a victory over the Razorbacks. It was a great game and I had the best time!!! Dylan was torn on who to cheer for, but he really was for the hogs. He even clapped when they scored. But unfortunately for him, Patrick and I got to do most of the cheering. Right before we did the long walk into the stadium.
One fun side note - Michale Phelps was at the game and they had him on the field to introduce him at one point and it was pretty cool to have him there!
Patrick took this picture with his cell phone at the game. I thought it turned out pretty good for a cell phone.
Anyway, the Gamecocks won the game 34-21 and it was nice to get to spend some alone time with just Dylan. It has been a while since we've gotten to do that and we all really enjoyed it.
Love you, Dyl!

Update on Hampton

We took Hampton to the GI doc on Friday because he has still been having issues with his gas and pain. The doctor said that we need to get him pooping so started him on some baby laxative. The suppositories that I had been having to give to him quit working so with that and the laxative, we have now gotten him going a little more regularly, but it really stinks because I have to give him so much medicine. He is on 3 med's right now and it is not fun at all! But, you do what you have to do and right now this is it. Hopefully, he will outgrow all of this soon and won't have to take so many medicines! Thank you to everyone who has been praying for him and please continue to do so. He is still struggling with the reflux (even with the med's) and it is so hard to see him have to deal with this! But, he is really doing better and so much happier throughout the day. He is so fun to interact with now.
Hampton is pretty good about entertaining himself for the most part which is absolutely wonderful. He coo's and is just discovering his little voice. His new big word for today is "oooohhhh" - it is sooo sweet!

Friday night, we had Supper Club and had a great time. Hampton had a little spell where he was hurting and crying so bad that he had tears coming out of his eyes and I couldn't get him calm, but luckily it only lasted about 10 minutes and then he was fine. Thank you, God!
The rest of the evening was wonderful and all the hosts did a great job!!!
This pictures from the left is Elizabeth Render, Elizabeth Burt, Alexa, Meg, me, Hampton, and Chappell.
The 3 of us at Supper Club. Logan spent the night with Mimi and Dylan stayed home and relaxed!