Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 6

Logan all bundled from playing at the pool. He was so good!Logan has decided he doesn't like wearing clothes now. We caught him trying to bounce poor Sara Grace and her head was literally coming off the bouncy seat. It was so cute. We did monitor it and made sure he didn't get her too high.
Then, we were afraid he would pee, so we got him dressed so he could play with his cousin some more!

Day 5

Another day at the pool!
Logan wore his hat and sunglasses a lot of the time while we were at the pool. It was really funny. By the end of the week, people were recognizing Logan all over and would talk to him. It was so cute. He was definitely all over the place and borrowed so many other people's toys.Enjoying some cheetos with Daddy
Dancing to the music at the pool with Daddy
Awww - Loving on Sara Grace. He loves to hold her. He even tried to sit in her lap once by sitting on her. Luckily, Aunt Chappell was right there to catch him!
Loving Cousins!

Logan was so sleepy at this point!
One evening before Patrick and I had dinner with my brother and some of our friends that were in town, we took Logan to look at the planes on the old Air Force Base and he got to run around some. It was so cute to see him all over the place and he really didn't have too many boundaries. That was nice for him I am sure. He did fall several times and scraped his knee - it even had blood sad!
And, he's off!

He liked picking up the pine cones and the acorns then throwing them.

Day 4

Relaxing watching another movie! Uncle Marty even wanted a chance to try on the new shirt
A morning at Myrtle Waves
We got to Myrtle Waves at 10 and then Logan, Dylan, and I left at noon because Logan needed a nap and had had enough running around for the day. He slept so well - from 12:30 to 4. It was great.
Here's Logan having a snack

So sweet

Blake and Dylan wrestling and about to get a LOT of water dumped on them from Saturation Station.
Logan enjoying some blueberries
The big dump of water. They boys and Marty are in there somewhere...
Here they come...that was fun. I can't tell you how many people got their bathing suits knocked down because of that water dumping on them. I saw so many hiney's it was funny!
Sara Grace looking out the window at the pool - isn't she so cute standing?
Before we went to shop at Broadway at the Beach.
The boys helping clean up dinner one night. They did such a great job!!

We cooked 4 of the nights we were there and ordered pizza another. So, that made things even better because we didn't have to figure out where everyone wanted to go!
Blake being a pot head!

Day 3

Logan right before he took on of his naps. He slept in our room in the pack-n-play which worked out really well. Luckily, I had his monitor and we could listen for him that way. I even took his music that he listens to and he slept so well. All bundled in ready for bedtime. He always sleeps with these two loveys.
Logan decided he wanted to hold Sara Grace several times. This isn't the best picture of them, but you get the picture.

Day 2

On Sunday, Patrick and I took Logan to the beach for the 1st time this trip and then we just layed by the pool the rest of the day. It was so relaxing and nice!
Logan would wake up every morning (and afternoon) saying, "boovie." He has just gotten to where he likes to sit and watch his baby Einstein videos. And I think I can recite them by heart now!
Logan and Daddy on the beach
Daddy trying to get Logan to like the sand and play in it
He did finally play in it for a while and had fun...
Until he realized there was sand on his feet! He hates for his feet to be dirty and doesn't like the feeling of sand (or anything) between his toes.

I think it is so cute when children play in the sand
We tried to get him to walk into the water, but he hated it!
It was funny - he refused to put his feet down when the water was coming.
Ahhh - back at the pool!
We took lots of toys to the pool, but of course, Logan usually wanted the toys that some other little child had!
He did play with his toys some though.
All the adults with the babies on Sunday at the pool (Kat came later in the week).
The 3 of us. Blake and Dylan weren't much on the pool this year. They would rather hang out in the room watching movies or playing guitar hero!
Logan swimming with daddy.
There was Trivia one night while we were there and we got a team together. It was Marty, Blake, Dylan, and me at first. Then, Patrick and Chappell came down to help us and we ended up winning. We got a gift basket with lots of goodies and in it was this little shirt that Dylan decided to wear. It was funny that it actually fit him because it is for a child.

Vacation - Day 1

We left for our vacation to Myrtle Beach last Friday and got back late this past Friday night. It was so much fun and I am still exhausted from the whole trip. I am hoping to catch up on my sleep very soon! Everyone got to go - Chappell, Marty, Sara Grace, Sara, Katherine, Patrick, Blake, Dylan, Logan and me. My brother, David, also was there for the week and we got to see him a couple of times, so that was fun and worked out perfectly. I forgot to get any pictures of him with the boys and I am so mad at myself!
The older two boys had a great time hanging out playing guitar hero, going to the water park, nascar speedpark, hard rock amusement park, and plenty of golf and mini golf. Logan and I went to the water park with them, but the rest they went with other members of the family because Logan wasn't really going to enjoy them like they would. I did get to go play a round of mini golf one night with Marty, Chappell, Sara, Katherine, and Blake. Dylan stayed in the room with the babies. He was really sweet to stay in the room anytime Logan and Sara Grace would nap so that we could lay by the pool and get some sun. We had such a great time and I can't wait to go again next year. The sad part is always coming home. Vacations always seem to go by so fast!!!
Blake on our first morning there - Uncle Marty caught this picture of him. Patrick and Sara Grace having a moment watching tv
Logan enjoying a nectarine
Momma and Logan in the pool - The water was like a beach where you could walk in, but there were tiles right there and I can't tell you how many times Logan slipped. He fell a few times and once hit his head really hard. It was so sad, but he quickly learned that he had to be very careful right there.
Playing in the water
Aunt Chappell and Sara Grace - SG's first time in the water
The momma's and their babies
We had so much fun in the pool. This is pretty much where Logan and I were most of the trip.