Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hampton gets Tubes

After several months and many many trips to the doctor, Hampton finally got referred to the ENT for tubes to be put in his ears. We got the referral to go see Dr. Thompson on the 21st, but after going back to the doctor Tuesday, they called and got us an appointment for Thursday morning. When we went to schedule the procedure, Dr. Thompson asked if I could be there the next morning at 6:15. I said, "of course." So, we were off and headed to the surgery center at 6 am Friday morning. Hampton all strapped in and ready to go. He couldn't figure out why we were waking him up so early and putting him in that carseat. He couldn't eat or drink anything before, so luckily, he was very good on the way and when we got there.

This is right when we got there and before I got him out of his carseat.
Getting his hospital anklet/bracelet and gown on...

Such a cutie in his gown

Not sure what all this is about!

I was so upset when they took him back because he had no idea what was about to happen. It was so sad. But, he was only back there for 7 minutes when the doctor came out and said he was done and heading to recovery. He said everything went very well! Yay!!!

When they called us back to see him, I walked into the recovery area and immediately heard him crying. It was the most pitiful cry. You could tell he just didn't like coming out of the anesthesia. It was the saddest thing ever. He just wanted me to hold him. Even when we got out to the car he just laid his head on my shoulder and didn't want me to put him down. Daddy made me put him in the carseat though - Boo, Daddy! I could have just sat in the parking lot and held him until he was ready, but daddy made me put him in - uggh!
Anyway, he cried a little on the way home and then fell asleep. He woke up when we got home, he ate and then went back to bed - and so did I!
After a good nap, he is was fine!
More pictures throughout the day...such a sweet little face!
Playing with a spoon. I love a happy baby!!!

Dinner time!
Way to go, Hampton! Hopefully, now you will have better ears and better hearing.
We love you, baby boy. We are so proud of how well you did getting your tubes!

Dylan's 8th grade Party

Dylan's 8th grade party was Thursday. I was the chair of the event and I had the most fun organizing it. Everything turned out so great and all the kids had lots of fun!
Here are some of the cakes we had. There was a LOT left over! I can't believe it's the class of 2013!

The food tables. They had cakes, popcorn, candy, and sodas
This is right when all the 8th graders got out there. Patrick had donated shirts to all the students. They were super cute! It was cool to see everyone wearing them to the party.
Dylan and his friend, Aldo.
When the fun began. This was two boys dancing and being silly.
Dakota and Jacob
Mr. Jackson being goofy and dancing for the kids
All the kids gathered around watching the dancing...Where's Waldo, I mean Dylan?
Coach Mac breakin it down for the students
All the students dancing to some music
My little 8th grader, Dylan. I'm so sad that he is going to be starting High School next year. It just doesn't seem real.
Happy end of the year, Dylan! I love you!!!

Play Group

On Mondays, we have play group with some of our friends. It was at our house this past Monday and I finally got some pictures of the kids playing together. Logan gets excited when he knows he gets to see his friends, but he doesn't like to share yet. We are working on that! They all love playing ring-around-the-rosie.
It is so cute to watch them...
especially when they fall down!
Then they all get up and say, "one more time" or "do it again." It is so cute!
Hampton playing while the other kids run around him
Logan has started getting in the around-we-go lately. He says, "wook at me, Mommy."
That afternoon when Dylan got home, Hampton got some much deserved attention from his big brother!

Picture Day

Saturday morning before the pictures, both boys got up super early. This was not really the plan, but it worked out since we had to be on the beach for our pictures at 7. We caught this cute picture of them in our bed watching some cartoons.

Hampton's 1st Trip to the Beach

Friday we went out to the beach after lots of coaxing for Logan. He does NOT like to have his feet get dirty and when I told him we were going to go to the beach he told me, "Ogi not go beach and get dirty." It is amazing to me that he remembers that from last year. Finally, we talked him into going with us by purchasing a new shovel and bucket. He loved it and played and played. We had to drag him off the beach both days we were there!Since he loves the big trucks and tractors, that is a good way to get him to play!
Logan playing with Daddy in the sand
I took all these pictures with my phone, so if they are blurry, that's why!
Logan doing it himself
We kept Dylan out of school that Friday so he could come with us. He was lots of help and we all had a great time. Dylan had just as much fun playing in the sand as the other two!
Mommy and Hampton for his first time ever being on the beach!
Sweet little boy picking up shells

Dylan digging a hole. At one point he had burried his entire leg and Logan got really upset and tried to dig him out with the shovel. That was kind of dangerous letting Logan do that. He might have stabbed Dylan in the leg with the shovel a couple of times.

Hampton pretty much stayed on the blanket with me the whole time. He also had me hold him a lot. He has been ver needy lately with all the ear problems and his age - very demanding and high maintenance. But, I love it because he still wants to love on his mommy!

The boys walking on the beach - that is Patrick, Logan, and Dylan. When Logan was by me and Patrick or Dylan would walk toward the water, Logan would yell, "No daddy, come back." It was sweet!
The mess we had going on
Logan just played and played
After playing for a while on the beach, we took the boys up to the room and put them down for naps and I was able to lay out for about an hour and a half. Thanks, Dylan! It was fun and relaxing!

Isle of Palms

We went to Isle of Palms last weekend to have Beach Pictures made with Stacey. They turned out cute. Check them out at On our way down, Logan was so excited to go to the beach. We played games in the car to keep busy and keep him from asking us a hundred times when we were going to get there. Here he is "hiding" from me. Isn't it funny how kids think if they cover their eyes you can no longer see them?

Dylan in the back playing his PSP
Patrick driving and getting us there safely!
Thanks, Honey! You did a great job! :)