Monday, September 29, 2008

Update on my Angel

We went to the doctor this morning for our follow up on Hampton. Yesterday and last night were pretty rough on him. He threw up everything he ate last night and it was EVERYWHERE! I felt so bad for him. But, we are on track to finding out what is going on. Dr. Whitaker sent us to Richland for an ultrasound to rule out Pyloric Stenosis and that we did. If he had had that, he would have needed surgery - Thank you, God that he doesn't need that!
Now, we are starting Reglan in addition to the Prilosec and we are going back to Dr. Whitaker for another follow up on Thursday morning. If he has not improved by then, we are going to a GI doctor to see what else we can do. So, that is where we stand. It is so sad to see him getting sick all the time. Please pray for him and that we can get this under control. We certainly appreciate it. Love, Us!Last night before bed and before he got so sick I had to change his outfit.
Before his bath, daddy held him and let him watch some tv. He was mesmerized by the screen.
Oh yeah - obviously he is gaining some weight. He now weighs 10 lbs 12 oz. So, that is the good news about the condition. It isn't keeping him from getting something down. Just look at those rolls!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Patrick took Dylan and Logan to church this morning and Hampton and I hung out. He had a major projectile throw up this morning that was sooo sad. We go to the doctor in the morning and hopefully we will get some answers or at least a medicine that will work!Dylan has been asking me how to make different foods lately and today he wanted to learn how to make grilled cheese. So, that's what we all had for lunch. Of course, Logan - being the picky eater that he is- wouldn't even eat a bite of it. He had a pickle instead. Healthy, right?
He was happy with his pickle though!
This is a picture of me as a baby - looks just like Hampton to me!
I caught this sweet little picture of the prince this afternoon. Some of you may remember that at this age Logan had a TERRIBLE case of baby acne. Hampton barely has any and I am hoping that he doesn't get it. Luckily, none so far!!! Yay!

Sweet Little Boys!

Yesterday morning, Logan hopped up in bed with us and insisted on holding little Hampton. I couldn't get him to look at the camera, but got some cute pictures nonetheless...

In this picture, Hampton was trying to "eat" Logan's hand. Logan was really funny about it.
I got Hampton a Pumpkin to go trick-or-treating and Logan treats it as a hat. It is really funny from the front, but I couldn't get a cute picture of it.

Girls Night!

Last night my friend, Ashley, invited a bunch of us girls over for dinner. It was so nice to get out of the house and actually have some adult social time. She made us a great dinner and desert. Hampton was the only man of the evening. He was so good. Of course, he wanted to eat every hour and a half, so that kept me pretty busy!
Thanks for having us over, Ash. I had so much fun!!!Meg holding Hampton.
Ashley loving on Hampton
Elizabeth chatting.
She is due in 8 weeks and has a scheduled c-section for November 10th. I can't wait to meet baby Stuart. It will be fun for Hampton to have a friend so close in age!!

Aunt Chappell getting in some love time with Hampton. It seems like forever since we have been with the family. I am sure Hampton was glad to get to see his Aunt Chappell again.

Thanks for a super fun evening girls. I am looking forward to doing it again soon!

My sweet little boys

I just realized that I have not been so good at taking pictures this past week - but, then again the boys were all sick, so that is probably a good indication as to why I haven't taken that many.
Anyway, here are a couple of shots of the two little ones. Hampton is so alert nowadays. I just love holding him and talking to him. I keep thinking that any day now he is going to smile at me. He does hold his head up some now and looks from side to side. It is a little floppy at times, but he is doing so well!
He truly is still such a sweet little boy. I just pray that we can get his reflux under control very soon! I would hate for that to really start causing him problems.
I think this is it - Logan is going to be a monkey for Halloween. We went to Babies R Us the other evening and I literally bought every costume that I could find in his size (8 to be exact) to try them on him and see what we liked best. I liked the pumpkin and the monkey best, but Patrick totally veto'd the Pumpkin. He is trying so hard to age my baby much faster than I would like. He has already put his foot down about the Longall's for this winter and said that I couldn't put Logan in those anymore. He's going to have Logan driving before I know it!
As you can tell from Logan's face, he is not too happy about having something like this on his head. Hopefully, it is a little cold on Halloween so he doesn't get too hot! Last year we about died!

Hampton's 1st Real Bath

Sunday night we put Hampton in the bath with Logan - probably won't be doing that again anytime soon! Logan just wanted to throw water on Hampton and trying to keep both boys safe by yourself was pretty difficult. Logan did think it was pretty funny when Hampton pee'd on him. That boy has some projection!!!
Logan watching Hampton get washed.
We do still wash Hampton in this big bath - but all by himself now.
The boys cuddling in Hampton's bed. Silly Logan going to bed.
Kissing Hampton good-night. Logan will actually say Hampton's name now raher than calling him, "bebe." It comes out more like "High-Tigh" but at least he is trying!

Hampton swinging for the first time.
He isn't too sure about the swing yet - Logan loves to push it though. He hasn't gotten too crazy with it yet either..

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rough Week...

This week has been a little more difficult than I would have hoped! I called the doctor Monday morning, spoke with a very rude nurse about Hampton's reflux getting worse and she said she would give the note to the doctor and they'd call me back. Well, they called in some prevacid and said to try that and that it should start working quicker than the Axid. Well - it's Thursday and he is not getting any better. We go back for a follow up on Monday and I am a little nervous that they are going to want to do some horrible test on him.
THEN on top of that, Logan and Dylan both came down with fevers on Tuesday. Dylan is old enough to where he can deal with it without wining and crying and carrying on, but Logan - that is a different story. He was so pitiful all day yesterday. I called and made him an appointment yesterday and Patrick took him. I am so glad that I wasn't there because they had to draw blood from Logan's toe. Now some of you already may know this, but Logan already HATES the doctor. We were working on trying to get it to where he didn't cry as soon as the doctor walked in, but we can throw that idea out the window!
Luckily, all the blood work was ok and that means it is viral - but on the other hand, that means Hampton will probably get it too. I certainly pray that that is not the case, but we are watching for it. Luckily, this morning Logan woke up feeling back to normal. Thank you, God!
Dylan is home again and now has a lot of make up work to do next week - AGAIN!
I have some pictures from this week and will post as soon as I get a little more than a minute. I just wanted to update about the boys.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Blake's Visit!

Saturday Blake came to visit with his stepmom, Amy, and brother and sister - Abby and Jacob. It was so nice of Amy to drive all the way up here to visit with us. They got here around noon and left early Sunday morning. Although it was a quick visit - it was so much fun. Blake has seriously grown even taller now! Blake's first time to hold Hampton. It was so sweet finally seeing Blake with his new brother!
Hampton even enjoyed meeting Blake!
Amy and Abby with Hampton
Logan, Blake, and I went to Caleb's birthday party for a few minutes (sorry we couldn't stay longer) and Logan made an absolute mess with his cupcake. After the party, we came home to see what daddy was working on in the backyard. One day that shop and my yard will be finished!
What a yummy cupcake it was!
Blake played with Logan for a little bit out in the backyard.

Blake now has to wear glasses - and he looks so cute in them!
After Logan's bath, we had fun with his hair!
Momma and Hampton

Blake was playing with my camera and caught this cute picture of Logan.
Amy, Dylan, Abby, and Jacob went to the zoo and out to lunch before heading back to our house. Abby just loves Logan and had a lot of fun playing with him. Logan appreciated all the attention she gave to him!
Patrick took all the kids for a ride on the golf cart. He started to go fast at one point and Abby's face was so funny. It was a look of terror, but quickly went away. Jacob was just laid back about the whole thing!
Jacob was so quiet the whole time he was here. You barely even knew he was here. He rode the firetruck and the spaceship around the house...
while Abby pushed Logan around. Logan could have sat in this truck all night and let Abby push him. He totally acted like he was royalty with her pushing him. It was so sweet of Abby and Logan absolutely loved it!
Logan after a big day with visitors
Loving on his biggest brother
It was so good to see Blake, Amy and the kids. I sure do miss Blake when he's not here. Thanks for coming to see us and a big thank you to Amy for driving him all the way up here to meet Hampton. It was a great visit!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday morning we got up bright and early and got ready for Hampton's first photo shoot with Stacey. She came over around 10 and we got some great pictures. It was a little stressful and I think I was pooped on about 10 times. I had it all over me by the time we were done.
Check them out at - It is under the Ordering/Galleries and Hampton 2 weeks.
She does such great work and I am so pleased with how they turned out. I am now trying to decide which ones to use for Hampton's birth announcements. That is going to be such a difficult decision. I sure do love holding little Hampton. He is so cuddly and warm.
Momma and Hampton having some bonding time.
Friday evening, Patrick, Hampton and I went to the boat for dinner. It was so nice out and lots of fun to get out for a little bit. We were only gone for about 2 hours, but it was lots of fun! Hampton was a perfect angel - he slept the entire time.