Thursday, February 28, 2008

Logan is on the move

This boy is just busy!
He is into everything and keeps me on my toes all day long. One of his favorite things to get ahold of is the remote and he knows he isn't supposed to! He will see it, look at you, and then try as fast as he can to get to it. Once he does, he looks at you again to see if you see him and are going to try to take it from you. If you do try to take it from him, he tries to grab your hands before you do and pushes them away. It is really funny, but he has a little temper about it - which we tend to ignore! Here he is in his "daddy-approved" outfit with the remote he found
Trying to make it work

He even knows what to look for when "operating" it

At night, Logan is just so sweet and cute. Each day we probably read about 10-20 of the same books. He likes to get them and either bring them to you to read to him or he will sit in his chair and turn the pages himself. I really hope that he enjoys reading as he grows up. He sure does now, so maybe it will stick!

Logan is so sweet! I just love these pictures of him showing how much he loves his books and how he will entertain himself.

Way to go...

Dylan had a belt test and ceremony this past week and did so well. Blake and I were able to go to the test Saturday morning before he went home and we were so impressed with how well Dylan did. He put on high purple and now only has brown and red to go before he will test for black belt. How impressive is that? I am so proud of him and how well he is doing. He absolutely loves Tae Kwon Do also and tries to go to classes everyday. He will be in a tournament next weekend and his dad will get to go watch him because it is in Georgia. Dylan is pretty excited about that and I am sure he will do just wonderful!
Master Byum putting on the "high" mark for his belt

Congratulations, Dylan. We are all so proud of you!!!
Momma, Patrick, and Logan

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Visit with My Aunts

Blake went home yesterday and I already miss him! We had such a great time and I look forward to seeing him next month when we all go to Arlington! This morning before church, Logan and Dylan were playing together under the sofa table. Logan was so cute just carrying on a conversation with Dylan like Dylan knew exactly what he was saying. Dylan is such a great big brother and so sweet and willing to get down on Logan's level!
Earlier this month my aunt, Betsy, came out for a visit with my aunt, Patty, and me. It was a nice surprise to me that she was coming! She was able to be here for Logan's 1st birthday party which made that even more special. She was so cute with Logan playing with his little telephone that his friends, Maddox and James, got for him. He loves that phone!
While Betsy was here, she, Patty, Logan, and I went for a very long walk out at Saluda Shoals - it was so long and we had walked so far that when I realized how far we had walked, we had to race back to the car to go get Dylan from school. We were a little late, but it worked out. Anyway, it was so nice to get to talk with Betsy and Patty and reminisce about my grandad. They have both been through a lot lately and really needed some time together. It was nice to get to share in that with them! Betsy, Patty, and Logan
Betsy, Logan, and me
Thanks for coming to visit, Betsy. I hope you will come back sometime soon. We had so much fun visiting with you.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Going Private

I just want to give you all a heads up...
I will be making my blog private again. I know I did that with the last one that I had and now that I have finally figured out how I kept using so much of my space (thanks, Elizabeth) I can comfortably let you know that I am not going to be changing this one any time soon and I want to make this more private for my family. So, I will be sending out an invite in the next couple of days and if you don't receive one and would like to, please just email me and let me know. Thanks to all of you who view and comment. It is the reason I have a blog and I love hearing that people actually read it.

The boys all meet their cousin

Tuesday we all went to Marty and Chappell's to visit with them and Sara Grace. Logan pretty much just looked at her the one time in this picture and then he was more interested in crawling around to look at their dogs and get into all their cabinets (it is much more fun at their house to do this because they don't have the locks on theirs yet). Pretty much the only picture we could get of Logan and Sara Grace
Blake and the little princess
Dylan loving on her
Both Blake and Dylan were so good with her. Neither of them was nervous to hold her and looked like they have been around babies their whole lives...probably because they have :)
Aunt Traci getting in her time
She likes to stick that tongue out!
Nana, Grandaddy, and Logan
Logan looking for the dogs
Grams brought Logan his birthday present and enjoyed ripping the paper off of it
He got a monogrammed silver cup and he wanted to shove all the paper in it
Grandaddy showing Logan all the fun balloons. Logan now loves balloons and likes to play with them.
Grandaddy and Logi
The momma's and their babies. Although as Chappell pointed out, Logan no longer looks as much like a baby compared to Sara Grace.

I know I haven't been staying on posting this week, but I am getting there!
Blake is here for the week and we are having so much fun. We haven't really done a whole lot, but just getting to spend some time with him has been great. Blake always makes me laugh and I mean laugh hard! It is pretty fun!
We have gone to see Sara Grace a couple of times and Blake has been practicing driving. He is doing pretty well, but I think it will take a little longer for me to feel comfortable with him driving on any main roads. He is actually doing a lot better than I ever did when I started out, so I'll bet it will be no time before he really catches on!
Just a quick update on my progress...
I am now 10 weeks along and hopefully, this morning/evening sickness is on its way out! I have really felt bad this time and it truly gets worse towards the end of the day. My mid section is thickening (as if that really needed to happen any more!!!) so I will probably start "showing" in a few weeks. I know, I is my 4th (and final) pregnancy, so I do need to give myself a break. I really wish I had not been so lazy and waited until right before I got pregnant to actually start working out and trying to lose weight. I have already started gaining some of that back, but as soon as I am feeling better and get some energy back I am going to start moderately exercising again. I just feel so much better in general when I actually do some sort of exercise!
Anyway enough about that. I did decide to try out a new doctor and will go to her on the 4th of March. They will do an ultrasound that day and I guess just make sure my due date (September 18th) is right and everything is going ok. I will update after that visit to let you know!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Our Beautiful Neice!

Friday Patrick and I went to the hospital to visit our neice some more. She is sooo cute! You just want to kiss her over and over. She is too sweet and just loves to be held while she sleeps. I don't think she ever gets put down - Good for her! She is already such a little princess and this is going to be so much fun. It is really hard not to bombard Chappell and Marty and be at their house all the time. They are very good about allowing visitors though. Of course, we definitely appreciate that! They went home Saturday and are settling in very well. The sleeping beauty!
The happy family
Getting in my aunt time!
She is just so cute and fun to hold!
Look at those sweet little eyes
So peaceful
Proud mama!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Welcome Sara Grace!

Sara Grace
7 lbs 1/2 oz
18 1/2 inches
Warming up after her first bath
Proud Grandma (Marty's mom) swaddling her baby
Getting her first bath
Not liking it too much
Time for the hair
Such a precious baby!
Congratulations, Chappell and Marty!
We are so happy for you and excited that we are going to
a part of her life.
You have truly made on beautiful baby!
We love you,
Patrick, Traci, Blake, Dylan, and Logan

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Logan's 1st Birthday Party

Saturday we had Logan's Birthday party at our house. It was so nice and we are truly blessed to have so many friends and family who shared this special day with us. Unfortunately, I did not get as many pictures of everyone there as I would have liked.This is Patrick's side of the family.
Blake was even able to come up for the weekend and that was really special for all of us!

Logan, Landree, and James playing with all of his toys
Logan, Cooper (in back), Landree, and James

This is the only picture I really have of any of the children - I am not sure what happened there!

Logan in his birthday hat and bib. He absolutely hated the hat!

Get this off of me!!!
Logan was excited to be the center of attention. He realized everyone was gathering around to get ready to sing to him - he was quite pleased with himself!
He even began clapping for himself
Singing to Logan and boy did he want that candle
Yum! - We were a little disappointed that he didn't make a huge mess. He was very neat and dainty with the cake for some reason.

Sharing his cake with Dylan
Logan and his friend, Maddox
Logan and his biggest brother whom he was so happy to see
His new chair that his Aunt Chappell, Uncle Marty, and Aunt Sara gave to him - he loves it!
Playing Pat-a-cake with mom

Mom and Logan after a long day of partying
The mess afterwards
Logan got several great bath toys for his birthday, so he took a bath in mom's bathtub and enjoyed all his new bath toys.
Playing away
Logan's party was so much fun and he seemed to enjoy it also. It was a little chaotic because I don't really have a big enough area to hold everyone, so there were people scattered throughout the downstairs. But we really enjoyed having everyone and it was so special to have everyone there to celebrate our son's 1st birthday.
Logan had taken his morning nap from 9-11. The party started at noon and ended around 2, so it worked out perfectly. He went back down for his afternoon nap right at 2 and didn't get back up until 3:30. When he got up from his afternoon nap, he just played and played in the mess and found all his new toys. He had a blast!
Then he went down as usual at 7. It was a very nice and relaxed day really!
Thanks to everyone who came and helped us make this day even more special.
Lots of love,
The Subers