Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Big Brother, Dylan

Dylan is such an awesome big brother to Logan and Hampton. I have gotten some cute pictures of Dylan with Logan lately and thought Iwould share... On this particular day, Dylan and Logan were both not feeling well. They just hung out together on the couch for the afernoon together. I think it made Logan feel better to have his big brother holding him! Don't they both look so pitiful?
Dylan had a day off from school one Friday, so he joined us for a day at the zoo. It was lots of fun and he was so much help. I don't know how I do it without him sometimes! Logan was excited to show Dylan all the animals he gets to see all the time.

Such sweet brothers!
I think Logan led Dylan through the entire zoo like this!
As we were leaving I tried to get a picture of all of them together - obviously there was something much more interesting on the ground to Logan.
Dylan took this picture of Logan while they were outside playing one afternoon. Dylan is very good to take Logan outside almost daily. Logan absolutely loves it!
Thanks for being such a great big brother, Dylan.
We all love you very much!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hampton is 6 months!

Happy 6 months, baby boy!Hampton is getting sooo big! He started saying, "ba-ba" on the 1st of March and then on the 3rd (his actual 6 month birthday) he said, "ma-ma." I was so excited. It is the most precious thing to hear your child's first words!!
A true little gamecock!
At Hampton's 6 month appointment, his statistics were:
16 lbs 15 oz - 50th percentile
height - 12 1/2 inches - 50th percentile
head - 17 3/8 - 50th percentile

So basically, he is a perfect baby!
He did really well with his shots. Mimi went with us so that she could meet the boys' doctor and I tried to get her to hold Hampton down during the shots, but she didn't want to - dang!
The doctor asked me several questions - it went kind of like this...
Dr: "Is he sitting up on his own?"
Me: "No."
Dr: "Is he rolling over?"
Me: "No."
Dr: "Is he transferring things from one hand to the other?"
Me: "No.:
Dr: "Does he pull his head up when you lift him from lying down to sitting up?"
Me: "Yes!"

Needless to say, I was a little worried that he is a little delayed developmentally. So, I went straight home and we started working on sitting up!!!
The doctor told me that he wasn't worried. One of my friends said that her doctor told her that the reason her daughter might be delayed was because she was so happy and content she had no desire to try and do anything else. That made me feel much better - especially since he is such a happy baby.
Hampton at 6 months was still sleeping in the co-sleeper in our room because he got up so much during the night due to his tummy issues. It was so difficult! His sleep patterns would range anywhere from 3-7 1/2 hours a night. We finally started some kind of schedule for bedtime at night (9:00). That has worked out very well. Sadly, he still has to be rocked to sleep.
I did figure out that salads in my diet were a big No No for me (that stinks when you are trying to lost weight)! Hampton's little tummy just couldn't handle it and with that his sleep is a little better. There is still something else I am eating that is messing him up, but I can't figure out what it is...
Hampton is one of the happiest baby's ever! I love the way he lights up a room with his little smile.
At 6 months, Hampton is consistently eating rice/oatmeal cereal. He actually had to be put on Beech Nut brand to keep it down and that has worked very well. He eats a bowl in the morning and a bowl before bed now. He's doing awesome!
We broke out the jumper for the doorway at 6 months and Hampton is in awe of the music it plays. He just kind of sits there and stares at the lights. He will sit in this and the around-we-go for long periods of time. I love that he is so content!
Happy 6 months, precious Hampton!
You have been such a blessing to our lives and we all love you so very much. We are looking forward to the next milestones you are going to accomplish. It is so much fun watching you grow. I am trying to take it all in and cherish it because you are my last baby that I get to enjoy this with. Happy Half Year!!!
Mommy, Daddy, and all your brothers

Friday, March 20, 2009


I know I am so behind on my posts, but this is the deal...
We just got a new computer and I have to reload all my stuff in order to upload the pictures from my camera and just haven't gotten around to it. I am working on it though. Hope to be back up and running VERY soon!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Photo Sessions

We have had several photo sessions with Stacey lately. Check them out at www.naturallywonderful.com
Hampton's 6 months are there, Logan's 2 year, and Sara Grace's 1 year...
She does such a great job!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sara Grace's 1st Birthday

February 14th was Sara Grace's 1st Birthday. She was so sweet and beautiful at her party. A family shot
Yummy - Cake!
Sara Grace shares her birthday with her (and our boys) great grandma, Nana. So, we all sang "Happy Birthday" to Nana as well. Sara Grace was sweet enough to even try sharing her cake with Nana.
I LOVE this picture of her. She was so happy!!!
Uncle Tommy and Hampton.
The beautiful cake. Chappell had Nana's and Sara Grace's monogram on it. I thought it was so sweet that Chappell included Nana in SG's special day!
Logan pretty much hung out in SG's bedroom with Blake and Aunt Sara. He read books, took things off her shelves, and emptied and reloaded the hamper. He was pretty content!
Aunt Sara reading Logan another book.
The precious birthday girl!
Logan running through the house like a mad man!
Aunt Jinny and Hampton
Logan didn't want to eat anything but cheese and cake. Why did he have to be so much like his mother in his love for sweets???
We can't believe you are already one year old, Sara Grace. We all love you so very much and are so happy to have as such a special part of our lives.
Happy Happy Birthday, sweet baby girl.
Love, Aunt Traci, Uncle Patrick, and all your cousins

Logan's 1st Haircut

Ok - so it was time to get Logan a real haircut. He was in desperate need (and by now should probably be getting close to needing another one). I took him to Holley on the 13th (it was a busy day) and he couldn't have done better. he sat there eating animal crackers and I didn't even have to break out the lollipops!
Such a sweet big boy!
I love his cape!!!
Holley and Logan. Doesn't he looks so big??
After a day at the zoo and the haircut, he couldn't quite make it home.
When he woke up he watched a movie in mommy's and daddy's bed! It's a good thing we didn't make it that day! :)

8th Grade Parents Day at LMS

LMS had 8th grade parent day at the school where all the 8th athletes were acknowledged with their parents. They even gave their moms a carnation. It was really sweet. One little boy pretty much just threw his to his mom as he kept walking in front of her (which was funny) and I just knew that Dylan would do that to me, but he was really sweet about it. It meant a lot to get to stand up there with him in front of the school. I was very proud to be with him! Here is a group shot of all the LMS 8th grade wrestlers.
The pictures aren't that great, but this is Dylan (on the right) handing me the carnation.

Us standing there listening to everyone applaud for the wrestlers.
Proud Momma and her boy!
I love you, Dylan and am very proud to be your mom!!!

Zoo Trip 2/13

I took the boys to the zoo to meet up with some friends...Elizabeth, James, Maddox, and Stuart. We have so much fun going to the zoo. We have gone about once a week for the past few weeks since it has been so nice out! Logan just loves the Lion that is at the front. He cries if he doesn't get to see it. The first time he was upset because he didn't get to "pet" it, he kept saying, "see lion, see lion" and the whole time I thought he was saying, "sealion" so I told him that he would have to wait until next time because it was too far away for me to walk since the baby was hungry. We walked right past this lion that he was talking about so I felt so bad!

Logan loves the alligator. It kind of scares me though!
Logan milking the cow - he loved it!
Aunt Sara and Aunt Kat Kat met us up there and Logan had Aunt Sara take him through the garden. She was sweet to chaperone him through...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

February 8th - On the Boat

It was a beautiful day on Sunday, the 8th. So, we took Hampton on his first boat ride. He was so good and even took a nap while we were out. Momma and Hampton
Daddy and his little mate
I love this picture!
This is the first of many boat rides to come for little H!!!

Dylan's Wrestling Banquet

Wrestling is finally over and we went to Dylan's end of the year Banquet on February 8th.All of us before the banquet.

Dylan was recognized for being one of the 1st year boys.
He got a very nice metal that had his name engraved on it and his weight class.

Dylan and his coach, Papa.
Congratulations on a very successful and fun year of wrestling, Dylan!
We love you!!!