Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 4, 2009 - Family Time with the Nixes

Hampton's 1st July 4th! Hampton was in such a good mood to have a family get-together on the 3rd of July. We always get together with the Nixes and it is always so much fun!!!
Chappell and Sara Grace
Uncle Marty
Me and the Hubs
Logi Bear with Mommy and Daddy
Blakey Pooters
Scott and Meghan
Logan not wanting his picture taken so he closed his eyes so Mimi couldn't take the picture.
Little Logi
Debbie and Sara Grace playing with the ribbon off one of the gifts
Scott and Meghan again
At Christmas time we all get together as well and do a Chinese gift exchange. We decided this year we would do one during the 4th also and it was tons of fun. Logan helped me open some of the gifts - since mine got stolen a couple of times. I did end up with the cute polka dotted bucket you see in the picture (well, really Patrick ended up with it, but you know how that goes...).
Nana and Aunt Eloise - sisters
Kat, Blake, and Hamp
Dylan was out on the lake with his girlfriend most of the day but he made it home in time to enjoy some watermelon with us!He also got a little silly for me!
Dave and Patrick having a serious conversation
Aunt Sara with Hampton
Logan right before he got up and ran off
We are learning to share...
I love this picture!
He ended up with the toy and Sara Grace was NOT happy. She got so upset.
Cute little baby!

We tried to get some pictures of the kids together in their matching outfits that Mimi bought them and here's how it went...
Logan trying to hold Hampton by choking him,
Hampton got Logan to let go and Hampton almost fell off the stairs,
we had to bribe Logan with toys and Sara Grace with watermelon,
Mimi had to hold Hampton through the rails so he wouldn't fall,
and finally, they all looked the same direction!
Then, Hampton couldn't figure out why Sara Grace wouldn't share.
Poor Hampton is the only one without watermelon.
My poor baby - he is so deprived. Is this not the most pitiful picture ever???

It's not fair!

We got smart and moved outside so the kids could really enjoy the watermelon, but they didn't like the grass...so, Mimi and G-daddy had to help!

Watermelon lips!

Then, we all headed out to the pool to wash all the watermelon off!

Logan would much rather play in the rocks than anything else...
Debbie and Hampton

Sara Grace sporting her cute swimsuit

Hampton loved him some Meghan!
Blake and Dylan in deep conversation
Logan thinks this is how you look through a magnifying glass.
Aunt Eloise and Nana
Hampton in the pool with Meghan
Momma and Hamp
We hope everyone had a happy 4th of July. We all certainly did and loved spending time with family!!!