Thursday, September 10, 2009

Preschool Orientation 8/31/09

We went to Logan's preschool orientation last Monday and it went fairly well. They have a tool set that Logan eyed right as we walked into the room and he went straight for it. He didn't want to share it and when I made him, he cried and told me he wanted to go home. I made him stay and tried to direct him toward some other toys (which didn't work). He just stayed there and waited until whoever it was was done with the tools and he went back to playing with them.

Basically, this is where he stayed the entire time. He was there to see his room, meet his teachers, and get a feel for it.

Clifford is their room theme and it is so cute. I got a lot of pictures of all the Clifford stuff in there.

Playing with the tools some more...

Us together before the meltdown. Hampton even wanted to get down and play.

I haven't seen the tools out again since that day because I think they realized they were really going to have to supervise Logan with it!

Logan's cubby with his doghouse tag

Sweet little Hudson playing with the babydoll. He is going to make a great daddy one day!

Hudson and Bella Grace sharing the babydoll

Logan with his teacher, Mrs. Liz

Jackson playing with the helicopter - I am so glad Logan has so many of his friends in his class! It makes me feel so much better!

Miller - another one of our good friends. He is so cute playing on the mat!

Logan and Mrs. Liz again

Logan's Daily Schedule
The paws had each of the children's name on them. Logan's was the bottom left :)

The room. It was a little chaotic with all the parents there, but it was organized chaos :)
The indoor playgroud!
Logan was so excited about the treehouse. He played and played. It was a good note to end our visit on. I was trying to make it an exciting ending so when he started school, he would look forward to it.
Hampton got to enjoy the indoor playground too!

Logan really liked building with the blocks. I can see some Suber Construction in his future...

Whew - He needed a drink after all that fun!

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