Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hampton's 1st My Gym Class 8/26

Since Logan has started preschool, he has stopped going to My Gym and Hampton got to start. Hampton loved it is first time. He was so happy walking around and checking everything out! This is one of the activities where he had to climb up and down the walls to find some friends.
He found a turtle!
So happy!
The big red ball is always a favorite.
Logan had to go to the first class with us since Preschool didn't start until the next week. He had to sit in the lobby and did very well. I thought he looked so pitiful sitting out there watching...
On the swinging bar
He loved it!
Mrs. Alexa helping Hampton jump
And doing a forward roll
Logan made a friend while he was sitting there waiting. She was so sweet to share her book with him.
The swimg is Hampton's favorite activity by far!

Logan and his new friend again
This is the cannon shoot where the kids are pulled through the tunnel on a parachute. Not too sure about that...

So sweet! I didn't have to get on to Logan one time. I was so proud of him!

Separation time. Hampton didn't even look for me!

I love having this time to spend with Hampton. It is nice that it can just be the two of us for a little while! He has really enjoyed it too so far.
Towards the end of class, Logan was ready for us to come out and go play!

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