Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Elmo at My Gym

I took the boys to meet Aunt Chappell and Sara Grace at My Gym after Drew's party so they could see Elmo! It was lots of fun. There was an open house and both boys had a great time playing! Hampton loved being able to run around and play!
He wasn't in the least bit scared of Elmo!
Logan decided he was safer hiding out and viewing Elmo from a distance.
He finally went into the birthday room to play with the tent.
Logan even let Sara Grace play with him for a little bit!
Then he tried to keep Hampton out of the tent - boy oh boy!
Sara Grace spent most of her time rearranging all the chairs.
She tried giving Hampton kisses, and he just wanted to play with her face.
Logan helped himself to some juice boxes that were on the table - they weren't opened so I am assuming that's what they were for!
Sara Grace sliding
Logan and Sara Grace playing
Aunt Chappell and Logan and Sara Grace (and baby Wilson who is due in March). :)
Hampton loves to be held by people. He pretty much goes to anyone and loves to cuddle with them. He even went to Mr. Jared.

He also let Miss Carly hold him for a long time.
Sara Grace on the move!

Hampton and his girlfriend, Savannah. He loves her hair especially when it's in a pony tail. He just loves her!!! She is such a cute and happy little girl!

All the cousins in the ball pit
Sara Grace loved Elmo!

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