Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday to Landree! 8/29

Sara Grace and Chappell spent the night with us the 28th and it was so fun having all the kids together the next morning for breakfast. Sara Grace entertained us! Chappell and I found this hat with a matching scarf at a consignment sale and Sara Grace was so adorable in it!
Hampton couldn't figure her out!
So sweet that Logan and SG sat together for breakfast
The 3 of them having breakfast together
After breakfast, we went to Landree's birthday party. It was so fun. Logan, of course, didn't want to get in the pool, but he did have fun. He really was just concerned with the cupcakes!
Cooper eating his snack
Logan helping himself to the snacks
There was a beautiful butterfly flying around where we were sitting that Logan loved. It is hard to see in this picture, but it is right above his head. It is yellow.
Happy Birthday, Landree!!!
I love her goggles on her head!
Cupcake time!
Finally - this is what a party is all about!!!

SG even enjoyed her cupcake!
Our friends, the Woodhams, were able to make it to the party. They now live in Raleigh.
Present time!

She was so sweet telling everyone "thank you."
Miss Leslie was at the party with Daniel. Logan and Hampton were both so excited to see them - especially Miss Leslie. Hampton jumped right out of my arms for her!

We were so lucky to have found Leslie and that we got to have her keep the boys. They just fell in love with her over the summer - as did we! It was good to see her at the party!!!

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