Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bath Time with the boys 8/26/09

The boys are starting to enjoy bathtime together more now. They actually interact and it is so cute!!! Hampton likes to shake his head "no" at me a lot now. I caught some pictures of it so that is why he looks a little odd in these pictures...
Sweet Baby Boy!
Logi Bear - I actually got him to look up at the camera!

Logan's favorite thing to do is play with the watering can.

One head washed, one to go...
This is a funny picture I caught of him actually smiling, but he did get in big trouble afterwards because he was pooring water out of the bath tub AFTER I told him several times to quit doing so. So sad! But, it made a cute picture! You can so see Patrick in this picture, can't you??? Logan is totally doing something wrong and knows it!

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