Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Logan's 1st Day of Preschool 9/2/09

Logan started 2 year old preschool, Wednesday the 2nd of September. He was excited to go back to school and play on the playgroud. We got him up and really talked it up for him so that he was looking forward to it and not dreading it.His little backback by the door waiting and ready. We had to have 3 extra pull ups, a change of clothes, and a sippy cup in there. All ready to go!
Logan having his breakfast before the big day! Panckakes - Yum!!!
Hampton had some pancakes too!

All dressed and ready to go. He didn't want to wear the nametag that he was supposed to wear, but I got it on him for a moment...
...then, off it came.
When we got outside to take pictures, all he wanted to do was run around in the driveway. I had to catch him for the pictures.
He even tried hiding from daddy behind the car.
Finally - caught him! I love my little boy and was so very sad that he went to school. I am just sad that he is growing up so fast!

On our way...
Logan's new smile for me. He says, "cheese" and then closes his eyes.
Or he smiles behind his cup!
When we got to his classroom, he wanted me to stay right with him and didn't want me to leave.
Not wanting to let go - don't feel bad, Logan. I didn't want to let go either!
We went potty before I left him.
I got him to engage in an activity on the mat and got a few pictures at the door before heading out. Patrick made me leave because I was standing at the window looking in. I was very upset, but I know he is going to love it!!!

We got back to the car and I got this picture of Hampton celebrating being the only child for a couple of hours!
Logan had a great first day. He went potty when he was suppose to and didn't get upset at all. He seemed to really enjoy it! I pretty much watched the clock and couldn't wait to go get him and find out how his day went. It was wonderful though! Yay!!!

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julie said...

the funniest part of the post is about hampton being excited about being the only child...too funny!!