Wednesday, September 9, 2009

August 28th and a visit from our cousin

Logan loves pushing this truck around the house, but I hate it! It is so loud (I have recently put it outside because it is so loud). Hampton fits perfectly in the back of it and Logan had fun pushing him around the house. He did start getting a little crazy and tried to "dump" him out of it because, "it's a dump truck." That ended the fun!
Action shot - Hampton loves it!

Sara Grace and Aunt Chappell came over to spend the night. Hampton and Sara Grace are so cute together. When Chappell and Sara Grace got out of the car, Logan said, "my cousin's here!" It was so sweet!
Yes, I know this is mean, but it is so darn cute! Chappell and I decided to put Hampton's hair in one of Sara Grace's bows. He does make a very pretty girl, don't you think???

He could so easily pass for a girl!

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